17 Husbands Whose Sense Of Humor Made Their Spouses Try Really, Really Hard Not To Laugh

    Maturity is not really these husbands' thing.

    1. This husband, who set up his kids' Elves on a Shelf to look like they were photocopying their butts:

    2. This husband, who added this piece of, er, art to the bathroom wall:

    3. This husband, who should never be left alone in a Home Goods store again:

    4. This boyfriend, who knows exactly which occasions warrant a cake:

    5. This husband, who gloated on his father-in-law in a hysterically immature way:

    6. This husband, whose spouse forgot the cake, so he picked it up...and chose the message:

    7. This husband, who made some adjustments to the holiday reindeer scene:

    8. This husband, who took the bathroom decor to a hilariously annoying level:

    9. This husband, who had a serious question for his spouse:

    10. And this husband, who is supportive, always:

    11. This husband, who couldn't help making this military joke:

    12. This husband, who used the kids' bath letters to put this message on the wall:

    13. This husband, who just couldn't resist naming the chicken breasts like this:

    14. This husband, who added googly eyes to his spouse's coffee cup:

    15. This husband, who had a little too much fun playing with his kids' letters:

    16. This husband, whose wife told him her feet were cold, and he did this:

    17. And lastly, this husband, who should probably let Hallmark handle the Mother's Day card messages from now on: