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    17 Seriously Hysterical Husbands Whose Spouses Must Have A Lotttttttt Of Patience

    These husbands have jokes for days.

    1. This husband, who said he "seasoned" the pan:

    2. This husband, who said he made zucchini bread, and showed his wife this:

    3. This husband, who couldn't help but get punny with the hand soap:

    4. This husband, who set up the Elf on the Shelf to steal Santa's woman:

    5. This husband, whose spouse asked him to print something for her:

    6. This husband, who made some adjustments to the package of wipes:

    7. And this husband, who made some adjustments to the box of cake mix:

    8. This husband, who got a little artistic with the whipped cream on his wife's hot cocoa:

    9. This husband, who put the Starr on the Christmas tree:

    10. This husband, whose wife asked him to put bay leaves on the grocery list, and he did this:

    11. This husband — and father — whose kid kept saying, "I want that!" to commercials, so when the holidays rolled around, he jokingly got her exactly what she asked for:

    mrsmatano112 / Instagram / Via

    12. This husband, who left his wife a message on the toddler's writing tablet:

    13. This husband, who brought a little hip-hop to his wife's feminine hygiene products:

    14. This husband, whose wife asked him to bring her some cold water and he did this:

    15. This husband, who added an appropriate pairing to his spouse's grocery list:

    16. This husband, whose wife asked him to give her some sugar, and he did:

    17. And this husband, who sent his spouse the dick pic no one asked for, but everyone loves:

    What jokes does your significant other make that try your patience but make you laugh at the same time? Tell us about them in the comments!

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