17 Husbands Who Thought They Could Beat The System And Got Very, Very Busted

    They're not nearly as slick as they think they are.

    1. This husband, who thought he could sneak a taste of his wife's avocado toast without her knowing:

    2. This husband, who put this message on the back of his wife's car window:

    3. This husband — or boyfriend — who used Lunchables to make his partner a charcuterie board:

    💁🏾‍♂️ it's chess ... Not checkers . She will never know

    Twitter: @fcckjulius

    4. This husband, who snuck a "dick pic" into his wife's purse:

    5. This husband, who thought he wouldn't get caught napping on his wife's pregnancy pillow:

    6. This husband, whose wife left her phone at home, and he went to town with the selfies:

    7. And this husband, who ate all his wife's leftover cake and blamed...the "dog":

    8. This husband, who snuck a few items to the bottom of his wife's grocery list:

    9. This husband, who added on to the mantra on his wife's tea bag:

    10. This husband, who put this scary-as-hell clown on the toilet for his wife to find in the middle of the night:

    11. This husband, who snuck and rearranged the holiday candles at the store to his liking:

    12. This husband, who thought it would be funny to do this to his spouse's water bottles:

    13. This husband, who snuck a car air freshener on the Christmas tree as an ornament:

    14. And this husband, who didn't think his wife would notice if he replaced the topper:

    15. This husband, who thought he did a great job of hiding his wife's remote:

    16. This husband, who snuck a piece of his wife's brownies and thought it would go unnoticed:

    17. And this husband, who took a little taste of EVERY SINGLE DONUT IN THE BAG and thought he could get away with it: