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    Updated on Oct 8, 2019. Posted on Apr 27, 2018

    17 Husbands Who Put The "Worse" In For Better Or For Worse

    They meant well...or did they?

    1. This husband, whose apology kinda missed the mark:

    husbandsaretheworst / Via

    2. This husband, who got his wife the 2-carrot ring she asked for:

    libshealth / Via

    3. This husband, who just couldn't be bothered:

    raquelbdubs / Via

    4. This husband, who has his priorities a little mixed up:

    thepeachnextdoor / Via

    5. This husband, who took his wife's directions a bit too literally:

    Wendy Rollins / Via Twitter: @wendyrollins

    6. This husband, who wanted a little taste...of every single donut:

    karameows / Via

    7. And this husband, who did the washing and the drying:

    billminton / Via

    8. This husband, who trolled his wife for taking too long in the shower:

    caitlinqford / Via

    9. This husband, who was asked to hang the bananas, and did just that:

    kaw715 / Via

    10. This husband, who picked up this gift bag for a baby shower:

    MangoBlisters / Via

    11. And this husband, who fulfilled his wife's Christmas wish for an apple watch:

    marykperk / Via

    12. This husband, who replaced the paper towels like this:

    gabybp / Via

    13. And this husband, who put the toilet paper back on the roll like this:

    14. This husband, who was asked to bring home "fish food."

    areahearon / Via

    15. This husband, who was asked to wrap a shirt for Christmas:

    CanadianBeard / Via

    16. This husband, who joined forces with his kid in a statement on privacy:

    beckyspencer / Via

    17. And this husband, who made a few minor adjustments to his wedding photo that he will never, ever live down:

    kazabell / Via

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