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    14 Husbands Who Made Some Innocent Mistakes They Might Never Live Down

    They'll never make these mistakes again.

    1. This husband, who accidentally washed his wife's phone in the washing machine:

    2. This husband, who misidentified an important object:

    3. This husband, who washed the sweater his spouse knitted for him:

    4. This husband, who left the paper towels like this:

    5. This husband, whose autocorrect is not his friend:

    6. This husband, who cut the cake like this:

    7. This husband, who misplaced something really important:

    8. This husband, who left this much ice cream in the container:

    9. And this husband, who thought it would be funny to finish the ice cream, then fill it with water and put it back in the freezer:

    10. This husband, who tried to cut costs in the wrong place:

    11. This husband, who put some sodas in the freezer...then forgot about them:

    12. This husband, who put some boiled eggs outside in below-freezing weather to cool them and came back to this:

    13. This husband, who put the toilet paper away like this:

    14. And this husband, who accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher instead of dishwashing liquid, and it didn't go well at all: