17 Husband Hacks That Seem A Little Weird But Are Actually Kinda Brilliant

    The creativity is strong with these guys.

    1. This husband, who created this makeshift standing work desk during quarantine:

    2. This husband, who didn't have ice to chill the champagne, so he used an ice pack:

    3. This husband, who used construction site materials to make a chip clip, literally nailing the bag shut:

    4. This husband, who didn't have small Tupperware to pack his wife's salad dressing, so he improvised with a shot glass:

    5. This husband, who used his smartphone to create a portable TV he can watch while he showers:

    6. This husband, who used slats of wood to make a Pyrex dish stacker so one dish doesn't sink into the other:

    7. This husband, who couldn't find the lint roller, so he improvised with his wife's curling iron:

    8. And this husband, who couldn't get Vanderpump Rosé shipped to his location for his spouse, so he improvised:

    9. This husband, who discovered that in a bind, a car oil funnel makes perfect pour-over coffee:

    10. This husband, who literally wrapped himself in dry cleaning plastic wrap to walk to his car in the rain:

    11. This husband, who fashioned his own toothpaste tube squeezer to get out every last drop:

    12. And this husband, who couldn't find a flower vase, so used whatever he could find:

    13. This husband — and dad! — who used his family's elf to give his kids a break from screentime:

    14. This husband, who got tired of losing remotes, so made this remote control hub:

    15. This husband, who put leftover spaghetti back in the pasta sauce jar for easy storage:

    16. This husband, who used an ice pack as a coaster that keeps his drink cold:

    17. And finally, this husband, who came up with a cool way to peel boiled eggs that totally changes the game: