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    17 Hysterically Immature Husbands Who Made Their Spouses Go, "Yup, I Married This"

    Their spouses don't know whether to laugh or facepalm.

    1. This husband, who made his wife beef and broccoli and presented it like this:

    meal plated in the shape of a penis
    Widland33 / Via

    2. This husband, who got creative with a photo of his wife's pregnancy body:

    3. This husband, who, instead of filling the vegetable drawer with veggies, filled it with these:

    4. This husband, who wanted to go shopping wearing this:

    5. This husband, who was willing to work really hard for this joke:

    6. This husband, who had a little too much fun in the shower:

    7. This husband, who made some important adjustments to his wife's calendar:

    8. This husband, who decided on this design for the pie crust:

    9. This husband, whose wife asked him to put her shoe back on her foot, and he did this:

    10. This husband, who wore monster slippers to "say hello" to his spouse while she pooped:

    monster slippers peeking under the bathroom door

    11. This husband, who knows his wife doesn't like Steve Martin, so he β€” of course β€” did this:

    12. This husband, who told his wife there was a leak under the sink, and she found this:

    13. This husband, who cleared the snow off the car windshield like this:

    14. This husband, who repositioned the front yard holiday decor:

    15. This husband, whose wife made the mistake of buying sequin flip pillows:

    pillows spelling out the word penis

    16. This husband, who added to his wife's shopping list:

    17. And this husband, who was in charge of getting the gender reveal party cake but probably shouldn't have been:

    gender reveal cake that says we're here for the sex
    LemonGrass29 / Via

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