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    19 Married Women Share When They Knew Their Husbands Were The One And It's Sooooo Romantic And Real

    "When he made waffles for us because they're my favorite, even though he prefers pancakes."

    Recently we shared a Reddit thread in which husbands shared how they knew their wives were "the one," and their answers gave us allll the feels:

    Well, Reddit user MankersonReddit asked married women to share the moment they knew their husbands were the one, and they are sweet, funny, and equally swoony:

    1. "We had gotten into a huge fight, and I stormed out and drove off. Well, as I was driving, I thought about people I could vent to about what happened and how I felt, and as I went through my list, I realized that the person I wanted to talk to the most was my best friend...him."

    2. "After our first date, he dropped me off at my apartment and gave me an awkward kiss in which he missed half of my face because the flowers and leftovers I was holding were in the way. Well, after I walked up my three flights of stairs, I got a call. It was him, asking if I could come back down for a 'redo kiss' because that kiss didn't accurately represent how good he thought the date had gone.

    "He then met me at the door and gave my a proper kiss, and I floated back up those stairs. I knew then that he was the one because he was as awkward as I am."


    3. "I had bronchitis and a UTI at the same time, and every time I coughed, I peed. So I asked him to bring home some pee pads, but not adult diapers or maxi pads. Well, he walked through the door with a package of puppy pads, saying, 'They were out of human ones, but I got you large breed.'"


    4. "When he made waffles for us because they're my favorite, even though he prefers pancakes."

    5. "I was a single mother of two, and one of my kids was upset because their biological father had been mean to them. Well, he was sitting on the couch with tears in his eyes, and he said, 'I promise to love and protect all of you and never hurt you.' He stuck to his word, and he loves my kids as much as he loves me."


    6. "When we sat down together on a park bench and I fell asleep on his shoulder. I usually can't fall asleep anywhere but my own bed, and that's when I realized I'd never been that comfortable with anyone before."


    7. "When I accidentally farted horribly loud, and he lifted his leg and let out a 'courtesy fart' so I wouldn't feel bad."

    8. "Two weeks after my (now) husband made the decision to quit his job and move across the country for me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I tried to send him back home because I knew it would be ugly and I didn't want to put him through that. But he wouldn't go. Instead he said, 'I came here because I love you...and because I love you, I'm going to stay.

    "He slept in my hospital room with me after my mastectomies, learned how to give me my shots, took a night job so he could be there for my chemo appointments, and asked me to marry him when I had just a quarter inch of hair. And even when my cancer came back two years ago, he stayed. He keeps building a life with me even though neither of us knows if it will come apart at any time."


    9. "When I saw him be kind to a homeless man. He knew his name, and the man knew his."


    10. "I'm kind of quirky, and I had built a Chuck E. Cheese–style ball pit in my college apartment. I was poor and those balls were expensive, so one day he insisted on picking me up from one of my finals, since it was too cold to walk. Well, when he picked me up, I looked in his back seat to find it filled with 800 ball pit balls. They were my Christmas gift."

    11. "When we went for a 45-minute walk in the park together one day, and when we finished, I realized I never wanted our conversation to end. I told him and he said, 'Me neither.' Then he grabbed my hand and we walked around it again...and again."


    12. "I didn't have the best example of love growing up — my parents fought a lot and were never lovey-dovey. But my biological father — who I met when I was 16 — really set the standard. I remember sitting on the back patio with him and his wife when he looked at her and asked, 'Have I told you I love you today?' She replied, 'No, I don't think so.' And he said, 'Oh, I will. By the end of the day, I'll let you know.' I knew in that exact moment that I wanted the same treatment...

    "Sure enough, one day I was relaxing and watching a movie with my (now) husband when he said, 'Have I told you how much I love you today?' With tears in my eyes, I smiled and said, 'No, not yet.' I knew right then I didn't want to spend my life with anyone else."


    13. "When he used to call and ask, 'Can I come be where you are?'"

    14. "I knew I wanted to be with him forever when I saw him playing with his children. They had come over for their weekend with him, and he said, 'I swear I'm not ignoring you, but I missed them...'

    "Then he got down on the ground and played action figures, he 'understood' the 2-year-old's babbles, and he even let the 6-year-old take the lead on telling stories. That's when I realized he wasn't just a father, he was a daddy. And I knew I wanted him to be the daddy to my children, too."


    15. "He looked at me so often. And he smiled whenever I looked at him."


    16. "I was bored and restless and I didn't want to sit at home. But I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so he suggested we just get in the car and go for a drive. I joked about him treating me like a dog, saying, 'Car ride?! Car ride!' But somehow he knew exactly what I needed."

    17. "When he put his hand on my back while we walked down the street. Something about that felt like he was promising to always protect and take care of me, even though I knew all he was doing was walking down the street."


    18. "My car broke down while I was working, and he switched cars with me, took mine straight to a mechanic, paid for it to get fixed, and was waiting at my house when I got off work a few hours later. And when I saw him, he said simply, 'I went ahead and had the oil changed.'"


    19. "One day, I unexpectedly got my period at work, so I asked him to bring me something, and he didn't want to screw up, so he brought me one of everything in the cabinet. Damn, I love him."

    What about you? How did you know your spouse was "the one"? Tell us in the comments, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.