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    17 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Keep Their Partners Endlessly Entertained With Their Weirdness

    It probably never gets boring with these guys.

    1. This husband, whose wife asked him to cut her sandwich, and he did this:

    2. This husband, who — for some reason — eats the crust off of his pizza first:

    3. This husband, who set a literal mouse trap on the Christmas tree to keep his family from snooping around by the presents:

    4. This husband, whose wife asked him to bring her a glass of wine, and he gave her this:

    5. This boyfriend, who washes his dish the dishwasher:

    6. This husband, whose feet were just kind of cold:

    7. This husband, who ordered himself a shirt with his wife's face alllll over it:

    8. And this husband, whose wife asked for whipped cream on her piece of pie, and he took it a step — or three — further:

    9. This husband, who apparently likes to stretch his sandals:

    10. This husband, who eats his Goldfish with milk, like cereal:

    11. This husband, who will make a snack out of anything:

    12. This husband, who has some mysterious plans with a drill and a Q-Tip:

    13. And this husband, who has some mysterious plans with what looks like hot dog wieners and uncooked spaghetti:

    14. This husband, who cuts watermelon like this:

    15. This husband, who gave the sandwich shop this historical fake name:

    16. This husband, who cut himself a piece of cake like this:

    17. And this boyfriend, who's a little confused — OK, a lot confused: