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    15 Husband Pranks I Really, Really Didn't Want To Laugh At

    Husbands: 1. Wives: 0.

    1. This husband, who thought it would be funny to gift his wife a ring box with nothing inside:

    2. This husband, who made his wife these fried eggs for breakfast:

    3. This husband, whose wife asked him to cut the pizza into four pieces, so he did:

    4. This husband, who froze his wife's toothbrush in a jello mold:

    5. And this husband, who just plain scared the shit out of his wife with this evil doll:

    6. This husband, who sprayed his pregnant wife with silly string while she napped:

    7. And this husband, who wrapped a fake snake around the faucet for maximum wife freakout:

    8. This husband, who put flour in his wife's blow-dryer:

    9. This husband, who filled his wife's cookie package with a rolled-up paper towel:

    10. This husband, who hung this...creature in the laundry room:

    11. This husband, who asked his wife to grab his printout from the printer:

    12. This husband, who put this blow-up doll in the bed to trick his wife:

    13. This husband, who hid his wife's packages and sent her on a goose chase:

    14. This husband, who made this special dust drawing while he and his wife were renovating their home:

    15. And this husband, who swapped out the shower curtain for one with a prominent Jeff Goldblum because why not?