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    16 Hilariously Weird Parents Who Left Their Kids Embarrassed, Confused, And Begging For Mercy

    Y'all, come get your parents.

    1. This dad, who took matching his accessories to the next level:

    Dad..... whyyyyy 🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. This mom, who added a special feature to her exercise machine:

    3. This dad, who added his own special touch to the family snowman:

    4. These parents, who bring their own sprinkles to restaurants to put on their ice pill bottles:

    5. This dad, who had a better idea for his kid's eyelash extensions:

    6. These parents, who — for some reason — have a Black Ops rubber duck in their bathtub:

    7. And this dad, who knows how to get golfers to stop hitting balls in his direction:

    Possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t. Stop. Laughing...

    8. This dad, who sees faces in his food:

    why’s this message from my dad making me cry

    9. This dad, who made a measurement joke no kid wants to hear from their dad:

    10. This mom, who just couldn't resist this very clever joke:


    11. And this dad, who just couldn't resist posing the Legos like this:

    12. This dad, who creates alternative names for things that make sense and don't make sense at the same time:

    Got to my dad’s house and he was showing me all the food he has for me to snack on and he goes “and I have a guacamole ball” what’s a guacamole ball you ask? well I will tell you. an avocado. He has an avocado.

    13. This dad, who found the perfect place to put flowers in water:

    14. These parents, who made a cheesy joke at their daughter's expense, literally:

    15. This dad, who got his son a very unnecessary gift:

    Just bought my son some erasers, because he won't be needing rubbers! #15 #girlfriend #embarrassingdad 😂😂

    16. And finally, this dog mom, who got teeny-tiny Crocs for her pup, because why not?