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    15 Hysterical Wives Whose Spouses Didn't Know They Were Savage Until This Exact Moment

    These wives are hilariously cold as ice.

    1. This wife, who figured out a hilarious way to get revenge on her husband when she's mad at him:

    2. This wife, who figured out a way to finally get her husband to turn on the dishwasher:

    3. This spouse, who made their husband a sweet surprise and added a not-so-sweet one:

    4. This wife, who wrote her husband this card after his vasectomy:

    Card with this handwritten message: "Thanks for taking a punch to the balls for our family we love you!!"

    5. This wife, who asked her husband what he'd like for breakfast, and he said "anything," so she served him this:

    6. This wife, who saw her husband's sweet craving coming, so she did this:

    7. This wife, who got upset at her husband, so she cut his steak into this hilarious shape:

    8. And this wife, who was mad at her husband, so she only made up her side of the bed:

    9. This wife, who thought it would be a funny April Fools' joke to put a lock on her husband's glasses:

    10. This wife, who left a hilariously ruthless message for her husband on the nursery letter board:

    11. This wife, whose husband kept taking her snacks, so she labeled them like this:

    12. This wife, who got a little tired of her husband working from home — and asking her for snacks — so she jokingly let him know:

    13. This wife, whose husband guessed his Christmas present, so she wrapped and labeled it like this:

    14. This wife, who was mad at her husband, so she packed his sandwich with this note:

    15. And this wife, who found a hilarious way to let her husband know when he effed up: