17 Grandparents We Should Maybe Be A Little Concerned About

    They make no apologies for their randomness.

    1. This grandpa, who wanted to spare his grandkids an unexpected, er, sight:

    2. This grandma, who labeled her light switches like this:

    3. This grandma, who is hilariously inventive:

    4. This grandma, who makes the most random — and somewhat savage — requests:

    My grandma saw me for the first time today since Christmas and

    Twitter: @brookewestgate

    5. This grandma, who leaves her dentures just lying around:

    6. This grandpa, who knows his beauty products:

    7. This grandma, who uses this "jello pan":

    8. This grandpa, who is the king of technological advances:

    9. This grandma, who got her dog this questionable chew toy:

    10. This grandpa, who devised a plan to get his grandkid out of the hospital when they got sick:

    Twitter: @oceanratVEVO

    11. This grandma, who replaced Scarlett O'Hara's face with her own, because why not:

    12. This grandma, who literally labels her grandkids to keep their names straight:

    13. This grandma, who eats her cheese puffs with a fork:

    14. This grandma, who used the doggie door just for the hell of it:

    15. This grandma, who made this snack food car thing just for fun:

    16. This grandma, who prints pictures from Facebook that she liked:

    17. And this grandma, who got on Twitter and said what was on her mind: