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21 Brutally Real — And Seriously Hilarious — Mom Tweets That Deserve A Place In The 2020 Hall Of Fame

"All I'm saying is that The Babysitters Club made me think taking care of kids would be a lot more fun."

There's no question about it — 2020 has been, well, challenging for parents. Well, these moms took to Twitter to sum up parenting in 2020 in the most hilariously real way, and I honestly can't stop laughing:


Homeschooling, Day 1: My 8-year-old asked if we were done for the day. It’s 9:17. We started at 9.



Took my kids to the pediatrician yesterday and I told her we’ve barely left the house in 5 months and then she looked at me in all seriousness and asked how much screen time they were getting. I mean... c’mon, lady, read. the. room.


All I’m saying is the babysitters club made me think taking care of kids would be a lot more fun


*5 yo on her kindergarten Zoom class* Teacher: "So what do you do before joining our Zoom class?" 5yo: "My mommy hits me and says 'do good!" Me, no make-up, bagel crumbs on my face, unexpectedly joining the Zoom class: "SHE MEANS I HIGH FIVE HER HAND!!!"


My 6 year old keeps trying to play with me. What does he think I had his little sister for?!


What wine pairs well with Common Core math?


The first rule of parenting is if you open a banana for your child you should be prepared to eat that banana


Me: (on toilet) Sweety, mommy needs privacy when she pees 3: ok (closes door and stands next to me with the dog) Me: 3: we private now


My toddler just screamed GET OFF MY LAWN to her brother so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one becoming a totally different person right now


Every time I tell my daughter I love her, she responds with, “I love daddy,” which is toddler speak for go fuck yourself, mama. Hashtag blessed.


*impossibly trying to homeschool my kid* Ok forget it, just marry someone rich


I think I missed the chapter in the parenting books where it said that I would one day have to patiently wait for a stuffed monkey to take a pretend pee while I was running late.


Anyone know which bug spray works best for my kids bugging the shit out of me?


13- I was pretty young when you had me Me- I think it’s time you went back to school son


My kid yelled she couldn’t wait to be an adult so I handed her the bills, threw the laundry on her bed, replaced her pizza with cauliflower, redirected my student loan calls to her phone and demanded she get me a snack every time she tried to go to the restroom.


*opens door to find my 5YO sprayed an entire bottle of my $80 perfume, painted a dresser in $20 lip gloss, & used my $60 eyeshadow palette on her dolls* Me: {inaudible SCREAMS} 9: well, this is just GREAT! You BROKE MOM!!!


Homeschooling my kids is reminding me that Teacher was not a suggested occupation on any fucking career assessment I took.


My 5-year-old asked me what a poop hole does. After an impromptu lesson on the digestive system, I realized he actually said “pupil.” Next lesson: Enunciation


I just gave the kids extra credit for helping carry my wine from the car to the house. Shutup, I'm the teacher now and it's fine. Everything's fine.


I just yelled, “1, 2, 3 mommy is lava!” and my kids ran away, leaving me to drink my coffee in peace. I’m pretty sure I’ve peaked for the day.

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