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    17 Husbands Who Embarrassed Their Spouses In Ways They Didn't Even Know Were Possible

    For better, for worse, for embarrassing as hell.

    1. This husband, who sent the exact wrong text at the exact wrong time:

    2. This husband, who got his wife this romantic birthday gift:

    3. This husband, who renamed his wife's Tylenol in an extremely embarrassing way:

    4. This husband, who asked his wife's gynecologist if this was a Texas Longhorn:

    5. This husband, who couldn't resist rearranging the letters on their trip to the bookstore:

    elenakitterman_lsf / Via

    6. This husband, who got the guest room ready for his sister-in-law and just had to add a little something extra:

    theword12 / Via

    7. This husband, who accidentally texted friends about his wife's waxing appointment:

    8. And this husband, who was in charge of getting the gender reveal cake, and this is what he thought up:

    9. This husband, who put sunscreen on his wife's back, and missed a spot...or two:

    10. This husband, who RSVP'd to a family member's wedding like this:

    Reddit user / Via

    11. This husband, who didn't hesitate to call his wife out:

    Majbritt Aspinall / Via Twitter: @Maspinall72

    12. This husband, who hung a car freshener on the Christmas tree as an ornament:

    13. This husband, who told his wife he would build a new front entry shelf for the house, and he built this:

    14. This husband, who gave the TV a personal name that was maybe a little too personal:

    15. This husband, who had one job for the party, and didn't quite nail it:

    16. And this husband, who wrote a hilariously embarrassing message on a car windshield that will be remembered for years to come:

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