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    16 Wives Who Keep Their Spouses Dying Laughing With Their Mistakes

    They never said they were good at marriage.

    1. This wife, who tried to make piña coladas and accidentally blended the spoon with them:

    2. This wife, who cuts bananas like this:

    3. This wife, who accidentally scared the crap out of her spouse:

    4. This wife, whose homemade cupcakes look, er, a little less than appetizing:

    5. This wife, who never claimed to be the best cook:

    6. This wife, who didn't notice how closely a "p" can resemble a "d" on her spouse's anniversary gift:

    7. This wife, who isn't so good at sunscreen application:

    8. This wife, whose spouse looked at their computer's browser history and caught her cheating...literally:

    u/phlux / Via

    9. And this wife, who dropped one of her braids on the bathroom floor and scared the crap out of her husband:

    Facebook: charleesa.0

    10. This wife, who tried to make a simple hot dog, and it turned out like this:

    11. This wife, who opened the ice cream like this:

    12. This wife, who helped wash her husband's tennis shoe, then forgot to put it back, so the puppy got to it:

    13. This wife, who didn't quite master the art of repurposing:

    14. This wife, who accidentally ordered a giant pizza to feed two people:

    15. This wife, who gave her spouse a cup of coffee and somehow forgot the coffee part:

    16. And this wife, who has a hilarious shopping problem — just not the kind you'd expect: