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    17 Hilarious Wives And Girlfriends Who Prove That Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Petty

    They've taken petty to new levels.

    1. This wife, who got upset at her husband and cut his steak into this hilarious shape:

    2. This wife, who used the letter board in the baby nursery to send her husband a message:

    3. This girlfriend, who got mad at her boyfriend, so she served him this much pasta for dinner:

    4. This wife, who only made up her side of the bed:

    5. This wife, who took her pettiness to supernatural levels:

    6. This wife, who renamed her husband in her phone the way only a truly petty partner can:

    7. This wife, who knows her husband's pet peeve is clothes sticking out of drawers, so she did this while he was at work:

    8. This girlfriend, who turned the photos of her and her boyfriend to the blank side when she was upset:

    9. And this wife, whose hilarious revenge on her husband is cold, very cold:

    10. This wife, who sneaked this spider into her husband's underwear drawer:

    11. This wife, whose husband wouldn't pick up his shoe from the middle of the floor, so she tied it to his car:

    12. This wife, who gave her husband a subtle hint in his breakfast:

    13. And this wife, who expressed her frustrations with a little jelly:

    14. This wife, who put her husband in a hilariously petty position:

    15. This wife, who is not sorry — not even a little bit:

    16. This girlfriend, who put her lash extensions on her boyfriend while he was sleeping:

    17. And this wife, who proves — in the most petty way possible — that what goes around comes around:

    There is a woman on this Turkish tv show who gave her husband a kidney and now they’ve broken up she wants it back. I admire this level of petty.