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    15 Neighbors Who Deserve The "Neighbor Of The Year" Award Just For Making People Laugh Like Hell

    Boy, would I love to live near these people!

    1. This neighbor, who took to creating hysterical comics to express his dissatisfaction with his neighbor's dog's barking:

    2. This neighbor, who posted this hilarious message in the neighborhood chat:

    3. This neighbor, who created this clever sign to inform his neighbors that he was in the middle of a lawn redo:

    "New Grass Loading" sign

    4. This neighbor, who was asked to check on his neighbor's cat, and he went a little overboard:

    5. This neighbor, who got hilariously crafty when the situation called for it:

    A toilet planter

    6. This neighbor, who played a cold, cold practical joke on their neighbor:

    7. This neighbor, who put their spouse's belongings on their front lawn like this:

    8. This neighbor, whose Halloween decoration accidentally fell over and created this hysterically ominous scene:

    9. And this neighbor, who sneakily left a message for his neighbor's kids on their chalkboard:

    10. This neighbor, who tried a hilariously clever way to get someone to take his yard waste:

    11. These neighbors, who are hilarious masters of repurposing Halloween decorations:

    12. This neighbor, who enlisted the lyrical help of Mystikal to get his point across:

    13. This neighbor, who got a little cheeky with their gardening:

    14. This neighbor, who tried their hardest to keep a woodpecker from destroying their house...over and over:

    15. And lastly, this neighbor, who — even in the neighboring home's final hour — couldn't resist a hysterical joke:

    A Terminator arm in some rubble