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    17 Aunts And Uncles Who Made Some Hilarious Mistakes They Will Probably Never Live Down

    God bless these sweet, sweet aunts and uncles.

    1. This aunt, who tried to dry her nephew's wet sock in the microwave, and this happened:

    2. This uncle, who bought his niece a chocolate Easter bunny, but forgot about it in the car, and it melted into this:

    3. This uncle, who played stickers with his nieces, and could only come up with this not exactly appropriate scene:

    4. This aunt, who turned around for a few minutes while babysitting to make a snack, and turned back around to this:

    5. This aunt, who tried to make some cookies for the kids, and they turned out like this:

    6. This aunt, whose autocorrect may have just called her niece the devil:

    7. This aunt, who ordered Star Wars stickers for her nephews for Christmas, and didn't realize they were 'slutty stormtroopers' until after she'd given them:

    8. This uncle, who put the kid's shoes on the wrong feet:

    9. This aunt, whose snowman she made for the kids turned out a little scarier than she'd planned:

    10. And this aunt, whose snowman didn't turn out at all:

    11. This aunt, whose turn jumping on the trampoline with her niece went like this:

    12. This aunt, who took her niece and nephew glow-in-the-dark miniature golfing, and accidentally wore the wrong undergarments:

    13. This aunt, who found the kids playing with her, uhh, special playing cards:

    14. This aunt, who tried to make a cookie Christmas tree for her nieces and nephews, and didn't exactly nail it:

    gailage1982 / Via Instagram: @gailage1982

    15. This aunt, who set up this Elf on the Shelf scene that she didn't realize was creepy until the kids said the animals were "worshipping him:"

    16. This uncle, who put the toddler's diaper on very, very backward:

    17. And this aunt, whose banner was supposed to say, 'Tik Tok,' but she accidentally arranged the letters to say, 'Tit Kok':

    truthmomparenting / Via Instagram: @truthmomparenting

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