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    15 Random, Hilarious, And WTF Texts That Could Only Be Sent During A Hangover

    "Woke up at 3 a.m. feeling like a cow was licking my brain."

    1. When the hangover first hits:

    awkwardmax / Via

    2. When you make a perfect comparison:

    jo_parker118 / Via

    3. When you know exactly what you need to bring yourself back to life:

    lbens67 / Via

    4. When you have no idea how you got here:

    hector_i / Via

    5. When you can't get back to Mom right away:

    m0untainbabe / Via

    6. When recovery is one step forward, two steps back:

    @cheesefondrew / Via Twitter: @search

    7. When your friends are definitely having more fun than you:

    richiepipes / Via

    8. And when literal death seems less painful:

    mistybryann / Via

    9. When you know what to compare that first hangover poop to:

    lady_x_ghuleh / Via

    10. When you find those everyday heroes among us:

    kianamicheller / Via

    11. When you're definitely not having your best day:

    kisforkatie1 / Via

    12. When it seems like everyone's out to get you:

    sweeet_sar_endipity / Via

    13. When the night before is alllllll a blur:

    kanyewestdunbartonshire / Via

    14. When your friends give you the support you need:

    whackjobproblems / Via

    15. And when, at the end of the day, you still have high hopes for your future:

    cassie_chaos / Via

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