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Did You Notice An Amazing Detail In "Hamilton" That The Rest Of Us Missed? Tell Us About It!

Go ahead, blow us all away...we'll wait for it.

Obviously, the world turned upside down when Hamilton began streaming on Disney+ on July 3rd.

And in the 1,000 times you've watched it since then, you've probably noticed some pretty amazing details many of us didn't.

Every time i watch #Hamilton i notice some new small detail that just GETS ME

So what'd we miss? We want to know the seriously amazing, easy-to-miss detail in the musical you noticed that we should know about.

Maybe you noticed that Aaron Burr always moves around the stage in straight lines, while Alexander Hamilton moves in circles.

Or perhaps you saw George Washington lower his head when Eliza mentioned speaking out against slavery in the closing number.

Maybe it was noticing the character of "the bullet" serving as an omen of death that totally blew your mind:

And then picking up on some of the ways she and the other characters show Hamilton consistently dodging the early death he knew was coming:

@katsbreez @LizAlps @MatthewACherry I find it really cool that Laurens is the one that blocks her from Hamilton in “Stay Alive.”

Or maybe you noticed something small but funny, like Lafayette whispering something scandalous to Peggy during Alexander and Eliza's wedding that caught her completely off guard:

Whatever detail you noticed, do not throw away your shot — tell us about it in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!