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    16 Mother's Day Fails That Deserve A Place In The Hall Of Fame

    Mother's Day doesn't always go as planned.

    1. This daughter, who tried to make her mom a cake for Mother's Day, and it didn't turn out quite as she planned:

    2. This family, who tried to do the laundry for their mom, and it didn't go so well:

    3. This person, who tried to make a jam roly-poly for Mother's Day, and it turned out, well, like this:

    4. This son, who went Mother's Day card shopping a little too late and had to improvise:

    Twitter: @AaronChewning

    5. This mom, whose Lyft broke down on the way to Mother's Day brunch:

    6. This kid, who wrote a hilariously confusing Mother's Day message to their mom:

    7. This daughter-in-law, who tried to make gluten-free, dairy-free brownies for her mother-in-law, and they turned out like this:

    8. This church, whose Mother's Day message could maybe have been worded a little differently:

    The sign says "The Best Gift a mother ever gave was time spent on her knees"

    9. This daughter, who didn't check the inside of the card she bought for her mom until it was too late:

    10. And this mom, who tried to make Mother's Day cookies with her toddlers, and they didn't turn out quite as she expected:

    11. This daughter, who thought she was gifting her mom a beautiful plant, but:

    12. This family, who tried to grill their mom some shrimp skewers in the rain, and this happened:

    13. This kid, whose Mother's Day compliments could use a little work:

    14. And this person, whose Mother's Day gift–wrapping skills could use a lot of work:

    15. This kid, whose Mother's Day message didn't come across quite as he intended:

    16. And finally, this husband, who totally missed the surprise memo, and "screwed" is an understatement:

    My son just told my wife we made her a special surprise for Mother's Day. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK HE'S TALKING ABOUT. I'm so screwed.

    Twitter: @DadandBuried

    Happy Mother's Day, moms! You rock!