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    18 Hilariously Awkward Grandparent Fails That'll Make You Laugh 'Til You Cry

    They've been hot messes since before you were even born.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their funniest grandparent story and it turns out grandparents are failing hilariously all over the place:

    1. "We had just finished Thanksgiving dinner, and my grandpa was searching for Tupperware for his leftovers. A few moments later, he asked me for a lid, and I looked over to see that he'd found a PENIS CAKE MOLD from my friend's bachelorette party and filled it with mashed potatoes. I'd never seen a person's face turn as red as his when I told him what the 'Tupperware' actually was."


    2. "My grandma left to go Christmas shopping while I decorated the house, and she came back empty-handed 45 minutes later. I asked what happened, and she told me she pooped her pants at the mall and the turd fell out of her pants leg! I asked her what she did about it, and she said, 'I kicked it and kept walking.'"


    3. "At my brother's wedding, my grandpa's suspenders snapped, and his pants fell down around his ankles. But instead of immediately pulling them back up, he asked very loudly if anyone wanted to take a picture first."


    4. "My mom had to work late one day, so she asked my grandma to pick up my baby brother from daycare. Well, when my grandma arrived home and put the infant carrier down, our family collectively gasped. She had brought the WRONG KID home from daycare!"


    "The worst part is that the baby she brought home was tan with black hair, while my brother is a pasty blonde! LMAO!"


    5. "My Nana had both breasts removed due to cancer, so she kept silicone inserts in her bra to give the appearance that she still had breasts. Well, one day when she was drunk, she got mad at my dad, took one of the inserts out of her bra, AND FLUNG IT AT HIM! I've never seen a man so horrified."

    6. "My grandma makes Swedish meatballs for Christmas Eve every year, and one year my sister was eating leftover meatballs a few days later when she pulled an acrylic nail out of her mouth and started gagging. Turns out, my grandma knew she'd lost her nail in one of the meatballs that day, but didn't tell anyone because she knew that if she did, we wouldn't eat them!"


    "Years later, we still count my grandma's nails before eating her meatballs!"


    7. "When I was nine, my grandmother got lost while driving, refused to acknowledge that she was lost, and drove us into the middle of a nudist colony."

    8. "My brother and sister shared an apartment in college and did their laundry at my grandpa's house. Well, once my sister accidentally left a pair of her panties behind, and my grandpa put them inside his bible to give back to her at church. She wasn't there that particular Sunday, but my brother was, so in the middle of the church service, my grandpa pulled this pair of purple panties OUT OF HIS BIBLE and shouted to my brother to take them."



    9. "One year, Christmas dinner was at my gran's house, and my Dad tried to help her make the salad, but she told him to 'fuck off.' Well, later at dinner, everyone who ate salad got a mouthful of soap...which my gran had accidentally tossed in, instead of dressing."


    10. "My grandmother loves garage sales, and one day we were out looking for one, when she came across an open garage. She walked in, started sizing up the things inside, and asked the man inside how much a few things cost. He looked at her like she was crazy and said, 'Ma'am, what are you doing in my garage?' Turns out the garage sale WASN'T A GARAGE SALE."


    "Needless to say, we didn't go garage sale shopping for a while after that."


    11. "One Easter my parents went to have dinner at my grandparents' house, so my friends and I had the house all to ourselves. We were setting up bongs to smoke when suddenly a car pulled up in front and my grandma jumped out and rushed inside, frantically announcing, 'I GOTTA MAKE A POOPSIE!' But unfortunately she didn't make it to the toilet, and we went upstairs shortly thereafter to find that she had SHIT ALL OVER MY BATHROOM!"



    12. "When I told my grandma that I was pregnant, she said, 'Your grandpa and I tried for a while and nothing worked until we did it from behind. Your dad and your uncle were conceived that way. Is that what you guys did?!'"

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    13. "My grandma bought us over 350 fireworks one year and put them in a box on the porch. We were setting them off a few at a time when someone gave my grandma a sparkler. Well, she started singing and flailing the sparkler about and got too close to the box of fireworks, which EXPLODED. After we were finally able to put the fire out, we were left with a burnt banister, smoke stains all over the ceiling...and a grandma who still didn't understand what had happened."


    14. "My parents and I were cleaning out my grandma's house and decided to have a bonfire to get rid of some of her old things. Well, I threw an old black purse into the fire without thinking twice, but as everything was burning away, I noticed something emerging from inside the purse. It was TEETH! My grandma had been hoarding HER MOTHER'S OLD TEETH!"


    15. "My grandparents' neighbor was going on vacation and asked my grandma to take care of her plants while she was gone. So my grandma set the plants in the front window of her house and watered them. When my grandpa got home from work, he freaked out, and my grandma asked, 'What's your problem? They're just tomato plants!' But they were actually MARIJUANA PLANTS, and she'd put them right in their front window for the whole world to see!"


    "My grandfather moved them to the bathtub instead."


    16. "My grandma was staying overnight in the hospital after having surgery, and they had run out of regular hospital gowns, so they gave her a nursing gown with slits in the front for easy boob access. Well, in the middle of the night, my grandma woke up panicking, screaming to the nurses that there was a mouse on her chest. Turns out the 'mouse' was ONE OF HER OWN BOOBS, which was peeking out of the gown."

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    17. "The whole family was together celebrating my grandparents' anniversary at a nice restaurant when a sweet pair of sisters took a family picture for us. We ended up chatting with them a bit, and by the end of the night, my very tipsy grandma kept saying how much she loved them and couldn't wait to see them again soon. And that's when we realized she thought they were her grandchildren."



    18. "When my grandpa met my boyfriend for the first time, they got into a conversation about their shoulder issues and torn ligaments. When I looked over, I saw my grandfather sliding his closed fist in an up and down motion over his crotch. Then he turned to my boyfriend and said, 'Can you still do this? If you can, you don't need your shoulder fixed.'"


    "Welcome to the family, Bae."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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