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    Posted on Dec 11, 2017

    14 Practically Perfect Gifts To Get Breastfeeding Moms This Christmas

    Of course, her baby is the greatest gift.

    1. This fashionably functional (and really just genius!) zip-up nursing hoodie:

    mamatuMOTHERandCHILD / Via

    The side zippers allow for easy feeding access, and are pretty damn cute, too!

    Get it from MamatuMOTHERandCHILD on Etsy for $52.

    2. Breast milk jewelry for a sentimental keepsake from a very special time in her life:

    Beyond the Willow Tree / Via

    Have some of her breast milk preserved into a gorgeous piece of jewelry she'll treasure forever.

    Get this rose quartz necklace from Beyond the Willow Tree for $176.38.

    3. This definitely-cuter-than-her-purse breast pump bag:

    Ju-Ju-Be / Via

    Who says her breast pump carrier bag can't be sleek and stylish? This one is both, and it has plenty of pockets for Momma's personals.

    Get it from Ju-Ju-Be for $125.

    4. This bright and fun nursing momma's water bottle so she can drink in style:

    Shantel Cook Designs / Via

    Nursing moms need to drink LOTS of water to produce milk, so why not give her a cute water bottle?

    Get this fun one from Shantel Cook Designs on Etsy for $16.99.

    5. This totally amazing dual-purpose lip/nipple balm:

    Dr. Lipp / Via

    Dr. Lipp is a lip balm in the UK that was originally on the market as a nipple cream, so she can use it to heal chapped lips and cracked nipples for a double win.

    Get a 5ml tube from Amazon for $12.89.

    6. This oh-so-feminine nursing nightgown so she can sleep (and nurse!) pretty:

    Soma / Via

    Comfortable, useful, and pretty? Trifecta.

    Get it from Soma for $46.20.

    7. These incredibly useful milk trays that take up way less freezer space than bags:

    Fair Haven Health / Via

    Milkies' pre-sterilized milk trays freeze breastmilk in convenient one-ounce portions.

    Get a two-tray set from Fair Haven Health for $19.95.

    8. This super clever personalized reminder bracelet:


    Make sure she never forgets to switch sides with this very cute reminder bracelet.

    Get it from SAjolie on Etsy for $24.95.

    9. This "Baby Boobs" blanket for the momma who doesn't want to cover up:

    Lot 801 / Via

    Designed by a nursing momma who was tired of hiding while breastfeeding, this statement blanket can be a carseat cover, burp cloth, etc..."but it's not a nursing cover unless you want it to be."

    Get it from Lot 801 for $48.50.

    10. And this nursing cover that doubles as a baby carrier cover for the momma that does:

    Milk Snob / Via

    Talk about super-cute dual purpose products!

    Get this one at Milk Snob for $36 and select designs at Target for $32.99.

    11. This gorgeous and sentimental necklace depicting a mother nursing her baby:

    meytalbarnoy / Via

    What a gorgeous way to show a breastfeeding mother and baby's connection. She'll wear this with pride!

    Get it from MeytalBarnoy on Etsy for $52.

    12. These comfortable – and soothing – silicone nursing pads that are discreet under clothes, so she can have a stress-free night out:

    Lily Padz / Via

    Lily Padz put pressure on the nipple to prevent breasts from leaking.

    You can get one set from Amazon for $19.95.

    13. A Nourish Nursing Necklace from Mommy Necklaces to keep the baby entertained while nursing:

    Mommy Necklaces / Via

    These are also a stylish way to keep teeny fingernails from scratching Momma!

    Get it from Mommy Necklaces for $24.50.

    14. And if all else fails, you can definitely go with a little Netflix and chill (but like, actually chill):

    Amazon/Netflix / Via

    Keep her entertained while she nurses – she'll love your thoughtfulness!

    Get a Netflix gift card from Amazon here.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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