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    14 Practically Perfect Gifts To Get Breastfeeding Moms This Christmas

    Of course, her baby is the greatest gift.

    1. This fashionably functional (and really just genius!) zip-up nursing hoodie:

    mamatuMOTHERandCHILD / Via

    The side zippers allow for easy feeding access, and are pretty damn cute, too!

    Get it from MamatuMOTHERandCHILD on Etsy for $52.

    2. Breast milk jewelry for a sentimental keepsake from a very special time in her life:

    Beyond the Willow Tree / Via

    Have some of her breast milk preserved into a gorgeous piece of jewelry she'll treasure forever.

    Get this rose quartz necklace from Beyond the Willow Tree for $176.38.

    3. This definitely-cuter-than-her-purse breast pump bag:

    Ju-Ju-Be / Via

    Who says her breast pump carrier bag can't be sleek and stylish? This one is both, and it has plenty of pockets for Momma's personals.

    Get it from Ju-Ju-Be for $125.

    4. This bright and fun nursing momma's water bottle so she can drink in style:

    Shantel Cook Designs / Via

    Nursing moms need to drink LOTS of water to produce milk, so why not give her a cute water bottle?

    Get this fun one from Shantel Cook Designs on Etsy for $16.99.

    5. This totally amazing dual-purpose lip/nipple balm:

    Dr. Lipp / Via

    Dr. Lipp is a lip balm in the UK that was originally on the market as a nipple cream, so she can use it to heal chapped lips and cracked nipples for a double win.

    Get a 5ml tube from Amazon for $12.89.

    6. This oh-so-feminine nursing nightgown so she can sleep (and nurse!) pretty:

    Soma / Via

    Comfortable, useful, and pretty? Trifecta.

    Get it from Soma for $46.20.

    7. These incredibly useful milk trays that take up way less freezer space than bags:

    Fair Haven Health / Via

    Milkies' pre-sterilized milk trays freeze breastmilk in convenient one-ounce portions.

    Get a two-tray set from Fair Haven Health for $19.95.

    8. This super clever personalized reminder bracelet:


    Make sure she never forgets to switch sides with this very cute reminder bracelet.

    Get it from SAjolie on Etsy for $24.95.

    9. This "Baby Boobs" blanket for the momma who doesn't want to cover up:

    Lot 801 / Via

    Designed by a nursing momma who was tired of hiding while breastfeeding, this statement blanket can be a carseat cover, burp cloth, etc..."but it's not a nursing cover unless you want it to be."

    Get it from Lot 801 for $48.50.

    10. And this nursing cover that doubles as a baby carrier cover for the momma that does:

    Milk Snob / Via

    Talk about super-cute dual purpose products!

    Get this one at Milk Snob for $36 and select designs at Target for $32.99.

    11. This gorgeous and sentimental necklace depicting a mother nursing her baby:

    meytalbarnoy / Via

    What a gorgeous way to show a breastfeeding mother and baby's connection. She'll wear this with pride!

    Get it from MeytalBarnoy on Etsy for $52.

    12. These comfortable – and soothing – silicone nursing pads that are discreet under clothes, so she can have a stress-free night out:

    Lily Padz / Via

    Lily Padz put pressure on the nipple to prevent breasts from leaking.

    You can get one set from Amazon for $19.95.

    13. A Nourish Nursing Necklace from Mommy Necklaces to keep the baby entertained while nursing:

    Mommy Necklaces / Via

    These are also a stylish way to keep teeny fingernails from scratching Momma!

    Get it from Mommy Necklaces for $24.50.

    14. And if all else fails, you can definitely go with a little Netflix and chill (but like, actually chill):

    Amazon/Netflix / Via

    Keep her entertained while she nurses – she'll love your thoughtfulness!

    Get a Netflix gift card from Amazon here.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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