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15 Kids Who Will Beat The System Every Damn Time

We aspire to their level of genius.

1. This kid whose mom ran out of Band-Aids, so he used her panty liner instead:

2. This kid who used chip clips to get her desired hairstyle:

3. This kid who got tired of their spoon sliding down into their cereal, so they built a contraption that would change that:

4. This kid who figured out how to have her cheese and eat it too:

My 9-year-old daughter has taken an old lip balm tube and filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class.

5. And this kid who found a brilliant way around a house rule:

6. This kid who couldn't find the tongs, so they made their own:

mandeesuch / Via

7. This kid who really wanted to try on their mom's shoes, so they found a way to make them stay on:

8. These kids who figured out how to get the most water for their buck:

hideh / Via

9. This kid who created a salt and pepper shaker so his mom could season with both at the same time:

10. This kid who used his dog's ear as a bookmark:

11. This kid who lost the ear hook on his video game's bluetooth, so he improvised:

12. This kid who didn't want anyone coming in their room, so they came up with their own "security system":

13. This kid who didn't want to hold her own cards:

hissyfit_inc / Instagram / Via

14. This kid who you can't tell that the sidewalk is not the best place for napping:

15. And this kid who is going places...literally:

This kid on a long board using a leaf blower to thrust foward is my new hero 😩😩

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