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16 Mothers And Daughters Who Sent Each Other Some Seriously Funny Texts

"Text me when you're on your way so I know when to send the stripper home."

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1. They share important advice:

chrissssyyb / Via

2. They know each other better than they know themselves:

thatchicknik7 / Via

3. They give each other much needed perspective:

tatsandtunes / Via

4. They keep each other up-to-date on technology:

tatsandtunes / Via

5. And they troll each other like only a mother and daughter can:

livtomes_ / Via

6. They're each other's biggest cheerleaders:

jmw3883 / Via

7. They believe in each other's abilities:

someg33kychick / Via

8. They stay on top of each other's health:

lord_gimpy / Via

9. And they get each other without having to say much at all:

lindseeyrw / Via

10. They support each other, no questions asked:

prettypleasewithsugar / Via

11. They speak each other's language:

tnolaaustin / Via

12. They have similar interests:

emmaenchlada_ / Via

13. And they always have each other's backs:

lalalalaurrrren / Via

14. They ask each other the hard questions:

kittykatmorris / Via

15. They give each other the hard answers:

escargotmycargo / Via

16. And they never, ever hold back how they feel about each other:

i_smile_when_i / Via

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