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    17 Kids Who Want You To Know — In No Uncertain Terms — How Mad They Are

    Don't make these kiddos mad.

    1. These toddlers, who were tired of their Elf on the Shelf spying on them, so they retaliated:

    2. This kid, who had a peculiar way of expressing their anger over being grounded:

    3. This kid, who stuffs her family's clothes in the toilet when she gets angry at them:

    4. This kid, who got mad his mom was going on a short trip without him, so he picked the perfect place to protest:

    5. This kid, who got tired of waiting for the doctor, so they let the doctor know in no uncertain terms:

    We just waited an hour to see our pediatrician. As soon as he walked in my toddler took his hand and pointed to his watch and said “This is a clock.” Which was the most passive aggressive thing I have ever witnessed.

    6. This kid, who puts dog food in people's shoes when they make her mad:

    7. And this kid, who got mad at her family and took it out on them in the most hilariously on point way possible:

    my sister is pissed off and "doesn't want to see any of us" so this is her solution.

    8. This kid, who put herself in the corner when she got mad at her parents:

    9. This kid, who got tired of her parents watching her on the monitor, so she fixed that problem:

    10. This kid, who didn't want to hear their dad practice piano anymore, so they used toy cars to block the bench:

    11. This kid, who didn't like what her mom served for breakfast and she let her know:

    12. This kid, who got mad at his parents, so he hid in the spice cabinet:

    13. This kid, who got mad at her parents, so she showed up to dinner like this:

    14. This toddler, who got mad at his mom, so he tried to hide her cane:

    15. This kid, who got tired of her family helping themselves to her iced tea, so she left them a passive-aggressive note:

    16. This kid, who knows exactly how to hit their parents where it hurts:

    17. And finally, these kids — one who was tired of their sibling eating their grapes, and the other who was tired of being accused of eating their sibling's grapes: