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Five Reasons Moana Is The Disney Princess Our Daughters Have Been Waiting For

The princess couldn't be more timely. More real. Or more badass.

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5. She is single. Happily single. She has two friends: a pig and a chicken, and neither one has proposed. Moana pines after no man and doesn't need to make out with one to survive (here's looking at you, Miss Everdeen). We've cringed through enough damsels-in-distress, before-and-after princess makeovers, and transformative kissing. Keep your sighing and your "someday my prince will come". We've traded it in for Moana steering rafts through typhoons and sh*t.

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me!
Everything Pixar / Via

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me!

4. She's brave. Not fake brave. Real brave. She accepts her calling to confront the long-lost demigod Maui with not even a hint of trepidation. She basically picks up a fallen twig and a coconut like, "where do I sign this b#$tch?"

3. She's sassy. She steps her little sweet-sixteen self in front of Maui, a really, truly MASSIVE humpback whale of a demigod who could snap her like a twig in between his thumb and forefinger and is just like, "Get your ass on this boat, son. I'm the chosen one."

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2. She's not vain. Never once does she look in the mirror. Hell, she doesn't even own a mirror. Unless you count the water, which she only studies to confirm her kickass mission. Her hair is always windblown, awry, and frizzy, and MOANA. DOESN'T. GIVE. A CRAP.

She's got volcano monsters to punk.

She's got volcano monsters to punk.

1. Last but not least, she's grounded. She knows where she came from AND where she's going, and neither of those things has to be sacrificed for the other. She has the heart of the island and the soul of the ocean, and it's not just OK, it's pretty freakin' awesome. She may voyage out in the morning looking for new islands like the badass leader she is, but at the end of the day, she's still, she's still Moana from the block.

So basically, Moana for President 2020.
inside the magic / Via

So basically, Moana for President 2020.

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