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    19 Moms Share How They Know They're Done Having Kids

    "I realized I was done having kids when I locked myself in the bathroom to cry in peace."

    We recently had our readers share how they knew they were ready for another kid. Well, these 19 parents shared the moment they knew they were done having kids, and their responses are totally real and relatable:

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    1. "When my friend brought her newborn to a Christmas party, and neither me nor my hubby had any desire to hold her."

    —Jennifer Castillo, Facebook

    2. "I knew I was done when I was at the store and saw a mom with two toddlers in her shopping cart fighting over who was touching who. No thanks!"


    3. "When I was having my vagina and perineum repaired with over 100 stitches after birthing an 11-pound baby WHO GOT STUCK."


    "She's 10 years old now, and shit still ain't right with my delicate area."


    4. "We were always 'one and done' from the beginning of our relationship. We have career goals, we want to travel, we want to give our kid great experiences, and we want to be selfish. We wouldn't be able to do those things with more than one child."

    "We feel complete with our daughter, and with knowing we can give her everything we want to while still maintaining the lives we've become accustomed to."


    5. "I knew the day I brought my first baby home and realized I didn't take joy in motherhood like I felt other moms did."


    6. "When we were on an airplane with our two kids and I imagined trying to do the trip with a whole other human. It was so overwhelming that I told my husband to get a vasectomy consult as soon as possible."

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    7. "When my marriage almost didn't make it through our first pregnancy, we decided one was enough."


    8. "When I cried on the toilet from painful hemorrhoids while taking my first post-childbirth poop."

    —Jessica Allen, Facebook

    9. "When my bank account told me."

    10. "I realized I was done having kids when I locked myself in the bathroom to cry in peace because I was so overwhelmed with the ones I have."


    11. "I knew I was done when my 9-pound third baby came 'too fast' for an epidural."

    —Kristen Morrow, Facebook

    12. "I knew I was done when both of my kids finally learned to buckle their own seatbelts, and I realized we could leave the house like normal human beings again."


    13. "I hated pregnancy immensely. I hated how I looked, felt like shit, and never got that 'glow' so many women talk about. So I busted out two kids and that was it."


    14. "I always pictured myself having three kids, but then I had my daughter and immediately felt so complete."

    "My husband, daughter, and I are so happy that I don't see us changing a thing."


    15. "When I found out we were pregnant with our third boy and panicked about being outnumbered by penis in my own home."

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    16. "I didn't realize I was done until we were trying for a second baby, the pregnancy test came back negative, and I was so damn happy. I figured that wasn't really the appropriate response if I was serious about a second kid."


    17. "I had a traumatic birth experience with our second child and almost had a heart attack afterwards. I knew we were done when my husband looked at me and said, 'Having another baby is not worth the possibility of losing you.'"


    18. "I knew when I was 36 hours into labor with my first."

    "Three years later and I haven't changed my mind."


    19. "I always wanted four kids. Then we had twins. I knew I was done forever when they realized they could remove their diapers and 'paint' each other with their poop."


    "I dry-heaved through their bath and swore never again."


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