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    14 Seriously Funny Homeschooling And Distance Learning Situations Parents Will Totally Laugh At

    Keep these parents in your thoughts and prayers, y'all.

    There's no question about it — schooling your kids at home is, well, challenging.

    Well, here are 14 parents who'll remind you — hilariously — that you're not alone:

    1. This parent, whose kid played dead in his Zoom class:

    My kid playing dead in his zoom class is the Monday Mood

    2. This parent, whose kid's online spelling mistake sent the wrong message about his mom:

    3. This parent, who wrote a hilarious message to their kids' teachers at the school drive-by:

    4. This parent, whose kid has other things he'd rather be doing:

    5. The parent of this kid, who changed his Zoom name to "Recon[n]ecting..." so they wouldn't have to participate:

    6. And this parent, whose kid's classmate tried to use virtual backgrounds for the same reason:

    @meowdiao one kid in my daughter’s 1st grade class figured out how to change his background to an Amtrak and he’d yell in the middle of class “gotta go! my train is here!”

    7. This parent, who had enough of helping their kid practice their letters at home

    8. This parent, whose kid's critical-thinking skills are quite literal:

    9. This parent, who's about as over Zoom as the rest of us:

    Kindergarten zoom gym class punctuated by a parent saying "I'm just OVER IT" loudly over and over again and then "Oh, are you unmuted?"

    10. And this parent, whose preschooler is even more over it than the rest of us:

    Zoom preschool is both hilarious and depressing. My 4 year old keeps unmuting himself and yelling 'I DON'T KNOW YOUR NAME! IS THIS MEETING OVER YET?'

    11. This parent, whose kid got a little hungry during a "phases of the moon" activity:

    12. This parent, whose kid got a little carried away while cutting and pasting:

    13. This parent, whose kid isn't concerned about his lax schedule at all:

    I expressed worry about 13 yo’s 4 hours per day, 4 days per week virtual schedule and he assured me that it’s fine because you don’t need to be smart anymore.

    14. And this parent, who knows exactly how to measure homeschooling and distance learning success:

    Hang in there, parents (and teachers)! Whether your kids are homeschooling or distance learning, we're all in this together!