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The DILFs Of Disneyland Instagram Account Is Back And I'm Not Sweating, You Are

When you wish upon a star...

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If you're unfamiliar with DILFs of Disneyland, it's the totally delicious Instagram account dedicated to celebrating hot dads who visit Disneyland and California Adventure.

Because is there anything sexier than a dad having fun with his kid?

Well, after a nine-month hiatus that felt like forever, the account is back with another round of sexy AF zip-a-dee-doo-dads.


Like this scorchingly hot dad taking in some sun with his little cutie on Buena Vista Street.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

Need. Water. Now.

And this swelteringly sexy dad hanging ten for a photo opp by Mickey's Ferris wheel.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

I know what you're thinking – what Ferris wheel?

And oh hi, double dose of DAYUUUUUUM on the carousel.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

Seriously, how is this much hotness allowed in the park?

I, for one, am elated to see more new hot dads rockin' it with their kids at Disneyland.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

Where do I sign?

But in the spirit of totally relentless indulgence, here are a few extra-delicious pics from DILFs of Disneyland past.

Don't say I never did anything for you.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

Keep up with the return of DILFs of Disneyland HERE. Oh, and put a little extra umph in your prayers tonight. 'Cause the gods are clearly lookin' out.

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