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15 Dads Who Had Way, Way Too Much Fun Trolling Their Families

These dads just couldn't help themselves.

1. This dad, who set this Elf on the Shelf sacrifice scene for his family to find:

2. This dad, who replaced his kids' toothpaste for an evil, evil prank:

3. This dad, who trolled his wife with a simple selfie:

4. This dad, whose wife will never send an unclear text message again:

5. This dad, who has a lot of opinions on his daughter's performance:

Her dad is now my favorite person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6. This dad, who gave his kid their holiday gift folded up like a pair of elf shoes:

7. And this dad, who doesn't have much faith in his kids' morals:

8. This dad, who made a not-so-useful comment on his daughter's Facebook photo and got others in on it:

9. This dad, who keeps his kids all the way updated, whether they like it or not:

10. This dad, who trolled his poor 5-year-old during a pretend cleaning game:

11. This dad, who knows how to respond to his kids' concern about his health:

12. This dad, who basically called his kid a loser, in so many words:

13. This dad, who is at his most savage when giving holiday gifts:

14. This dad, who is even more savage during the holidays:

15. And this dad, who will hold you accountable for disappointing him in the pettiest of ways: