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    16 Parenting Fails That Made Me Seriously Laugh Until I Cried

    It's been a loooooooong day for these parents.

    1. This mom, whose kid somehow found one of her parents' vibrating penis rings...and gave it to a friend at school:

    Kahla Maneely / Via Facebook: 100000906617650

    2. This mom, who accidentally washed her kid's social security card:

    3. This dad, who tried to bake a chicken pot pie for his kids:

    4. This mom, whose kid managed to spit up on her in a really, um, unique way:

    Facebook: ashleyannscott / Via Facebook: ashleyannscott

    5. This mom, who left her husband's beard trimmer within her kid's reach:

    the_mom_shoppe / Via

    6. And this mom, who tried to wash her kid's teddy bear and had a little "accident:"

    7. This dad, who forgot his kid's violin was on the roof of his car:

    8. This mom, who accidentally poured sprinkles instead of seasoning into the taco meat:

    9. This dad, who personalized his son Lucas's jersey:

    10. This dad, who used too much baking powder, so his cookies turned out more like muffins:

    11. This mom, who tried to make her kid a "sword" pancake that turned out looking more like a penis:

    12. And this dad, whose pancakes just didn't turn out at all:

    13. This mom, who reused the plastic baggie with her kid's tooth in it for snacks — and forgot to take the tooth out:

    14. This dad, whose wife asked him to put socks on the baby:

    theprodaddy / Via Instagram: @undefined

    15. This mom, who can't manage to get to the Goldfish crackers:

    16. And this poor, poor mom, who staged her kids' elf making snow angels...and her cat mistook it for litter:

    Katie Wright / Via Facebook: katie.wright.391

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