15 Dads Who Are Having A Really, Really Long Day

    God bless these poor dads.

    1. This dad, who didn't realize that Cheez-Its are not cereal, and fed them to his kid in a bowl of milk:

    2. This dad, whose baby threw up right smack dab on his face:

    3. This dad, who tried to microwave his kid's damp shirt and this happened:

    4. This dad, who thought his kid's knitted diaper cover was a hat:

    5. This dad, who brought his kid home from daycare wearing two different boots...and neither one actually belonged to her:

    6. This dad, who tried to make an apple pie and totally botched the crust:

    7. This dad, who set up the video baby monitor and completely missed the baby altogether:

    8. And this dad, who just wanted to make his kids some toast and it didn't go so well:

    9. This dad, who nodded off for just a moment, and this happened:

    10. This dad, whose baby peed on him right where it counts:

    11. This dad, who put the Elf on the Shelf a little too close to a light fixture:

    12. This dad, who tried to draw Pinkie Pie for his kid, and it didn't turn out quite like he planned:

    13. This dad, who let his toddler wipe himself, and he did this:

    14. This dad, whose drawing of his kid blowing a whistle turned out looking like his kid was lighting up:

    15. And this dad, whose tweet sums up the perils of fatherhood in the most hilarious way possible:

    Me: I had everything under control. Wife: Then what happened? Me: The kids woke up.