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15 Hilarious Dads Who Didn't Know These Were Fails Until Way Too Late

Dads. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

1. This dad, who tried to dress his kid for school:

2. This dad, who went to check on the baby...and forgot he sleeps naked:

3. This dad, who tried to make homemade microwave popcorn:

4. This dad, who forgot to put a swim diaper on the baby:

Wife: Did you put the swim diaper on her? Me: (Lying) Of course, why? #Parenting #parentfail #DadLife #DadFail

5. This dad, who mistook an onion for an apple and packed it in his kid's lunch:

6. This dad, who misinterpreted his wife's instructions:

7. And this dad, who swatted a fly that landed on his daughter's phone with a little too much enthusiasm:

8. This dad, who has, well, questionable priorities:

priorities Me: is getting interviewed after winning a scholarship My dad: taking a selfie with Ronald McDonald

9. This dad, who proves mom brain doesn't just affect moms:

10. This dad, who slightly misunderstood:

Sadly, missed our one's football match yesterday. Texted me to say he had won a pen. Got back. I asked to see the pen. 'No dad, a penalty.' #DadFail

11. This dad, who forgot to put a bag in the diaper pail:

12. This dad, who knows there is crying over spilled milk:

13. This dad, who accidentally put curry powder in his kids' pancake batter, instead of cinnamon:

14. This dad, who confused the almond milk with the laundry detergent:

15. And this dad, who is the undisputed king of the overshare: