16 Photos That Prove "Dad Brain" Is Totally A Thing, Too

    Sometimes "mom brain" is a dad thing.

    1. This dad, who made coffee, but forgot the coffee part:

    2. This dad, who not only put on two different shoes, but failed to notice that they were for the same foot:

    3. This dad, who put the right nipple on the wrong bottle:

    4. This dad, who was at a loss for words:

    5. This dad, who put the orange juice away in the cabinet:

    6. And this dad, who put the sour cream away in the microwave:

    7. This dad, who totally forgot where he was for a minute:

    8. This dad, who forgot to put a bag in the diaper pail and will definitely regret it:

    9. This dad, whose things look "weirder than usual":

    10. This dad, who poured coffee grounds into his kids' waffle batter:

    11. This dad, who remembered to put the pizza in, but forgot to take it out:

    12. And this dad, who's been talking to toddlers for too damn long:

    13. This dad, who could've sworn he poured his wife a glass of wine:

    14. This dad, who's definitely gonna need a napkin:

    15. This dad, who couldn't find his car keys...until he did:

    16. And this dad, who really, really needs a nap: