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    16 Super Cringeworthy Things That Happened At Weddings That Made The Guests Go, "This Won't Last"

    "When the couple lit the unity candle together and it blew out."

    We recently shared a viral Reddit thread in which people shared the seriously cringeworthy wedding moments that made them think the couple didn't belong together, and they were all parts uncomfortable, y'all:

    Well, our readers chimed in with the wedding moments that made them think the same thing, and they made me cringe equally as hard:

    1. "At my sister's wedding, they smeared cake in each other's faces. Well, the groom got some custard in his eyes, flipped out, and we spent the next hour watching them scream at each other in the middle of the dance floor."

    2. "When, during mass at a Catholic wedding, the priest asked, 'Are you aware of the commitment you're about to take on?' and the bride loudly said, 'NO!' and began laughing hysterically."


    3. "For me, it was the wedding in which half of the bride's family didn't show up. The bride didn't even know they weren't coming!"


    4. "When the couple lit the unity candle together and it blew out."

    5. "My friend and her husband got into an actual fist fight at the wedding reception, turned on the cops who came to break it up, and spent their first night as a married couple in separate jail cells."

    "But somehow, they're still together, 16 years later."


    6. "We all knew it wouldn't last when the mother of the groom cried as he seated her. Someone said, 'It's so sweet that she's excited for her son to get married,' and she turned around and said, 'I'm crying because my son is making the biggest mistake of his life.'"

    "She said it right in front of the bride's family! And the groom didn't defend his wife when his mother drunkenly told her later that he should've married his ex."


    7. "When I didn't want to sleep with him on our wedding night...or any other night."

    8. "My husband used to be a waiter at a very upscale wedding venue. Well, once he witnessed a bride and groom arguing in the bridal suite before the reception, and the bride threw the ring out of the window!"

    "He and a bunch of other waiters had to help find it!"


    9. "At my best friend's wedding, when the groom was so drunk at their 2 p.m. ceremony that he was swaying back and forth at the altar, and she had to hold him steady."

    "And later at the reception, he was opening the cards and using the cash to buy drinks."


    10. "When I went to a wedding a year ago in which the groom was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, and the bride showed up in a T-shirt and torn jeans, saying she wanted to 'surprise' him. She did, but not in a good way."

    11. "I knew it wouldn't work out during my own wedding when during the first dance, he started singing to me. But not in a romantic way — in an embarrassing way that was meant as a show for everyone watching."

    "I knew in that moment how much of a facade our relationship was. I asked for a divorce just over a year later."


    12. "When, at my own wedding, my friend and her husband said I looked like a deer in headlights."


    13. "When after a wedding I attended, a lot of people got together at the hotel, and the groom knocked on my door and asked me to strip for him."

    14. "I knew I was making a mistake when I got to the church and my brother had to coax me out of the limo because I froze in fear."


    15. "My friend got married at 21, which works for some people, but he really wasn't mature enough to make such a commitment. The morning of the wedding, his mom kept asking if he was sure, and he kept saying that he knew what he was doing and that he was happy..."

    "Well, it seems that deep down he thought otherwise, because he got so drunk the moment the wedding was over that he doesn't even remember most of the reception or wedding night! And he's not even a drinker!"


    16. "I attended a wedding where the bride's biggest concern was getting the perfect picture. Her groom was whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and when the camera showed up, she stopped him and put on a fake smile. Then when he tried to lure her onto the dance floor, she gave him a look that could kill, straightened her dress and posed!"

    Well, now that we've heard about the cringiest moments, we want to hear about the best, most touching, and heartwarming ones you've witnessed that made you feel like the couple would stay together forever! Tell us about it in the comments section, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.