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14 Times Babysitters Sent Parents The Most Hilariously Real Texts

"The little one wiped poop on her sister...and it's only 9 a.m.!"

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1. This babysitter, who gives a great play-by-play.

katie_fetchik / Via

2. This babysitter, who crumbles in the face of adversity.

caaait_mae / Via

3. This babysitter, who is not here for your clinginess.

scamacho1020 / Via

4. And this babysitter, who keeps a running tally.

disgruntledcookie / Via

5. This babysitter, who knows their worth.

mammamarkie / Via

6. And this babysitter, who knows their limits.

Savage parent response, tho.
pinchi_luisg / Via

Savage parent response, tho.

7. This babysitter, who heard what they thought they heard.

archieandfargo / Via

8. This babysitter, who's experiencing milestones of their own.

carlysos / Via

9. This babysitter, who knows how to measure success.

sabypops / Via

10. This babysitter, who can make light of any situation. / Via

11. And this babysitter, who can't.

libbyloveslife / Via

12. This babysitter, who takes the win where they can get it.

bellavella232 / Via

13. This babysitter, who is asking, just in case.

alaporte / Via

14. And this babysitter, who will definitely need a drink tonight.

teilichene / Via

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