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    20 Seriously Awkward — And Slightly Horrifying — Things Brides And Grooms Have Done At Their Weddings

    "The groom did a striptease while removing the bride's garter at the reception."

    Have you ever been at a wedding where the bride or groom did something really cringey — like, really, really cringey?

    Well, Reddit user ajlposh asked people to share the cringiest things they've seen a bride or groom do at a wedding, and the secondhand cringe is real:

    1. "At the reception, the groom did a striptease while removing the bride's garter, then remained topless for the remainder of the wedding."

    2. "The bride sprayed each guest with a large bottle of her favorite perfume as we entered the banquet hall, saying that she loved the fragrance and wanted to 'share that love' with everyone celebrating with her and her new husband."


    3. "I went to a wedding where the bride showed up almost two hours her yoga outfit."

    "The groom shut it down when she refused to change her clothes, and he decided to leave her."


    4. "I went to a wedding where the bride decided to sing a Carrie Underwood song as she walked down the aisle. She wasn't a particularly talented singer, and she was singing over a track, so we could still hear the original vocals..."

    5. "At my aunt and uncle's beach wedding, my uncle decided it was a good idea to ride a paddle board into the reception. Well, it would have been an awesome idea, except that everyone could see him get on the board and go out into the ocean, then turn right around and come back."


    6. "At the beginning of the reception, the bride and groom made us all stand up and sing the National Anthem."


    7. "I went to a wedding a few years back in which the groom pulled out a sheet of paper and read long, intimate vows, completely pouring his heart out for like five minutes. And when he was done, the bride just giggled awkwardly and said, 'Ditto!'"

    8. "The married couple had recently left the city to live a simpler life and buy an apple orchard, so they really doubled down on the apple theme at their wedding. There were apples everywhere — on the tables, in baskets all around the venue, and on the podium where they got married..."

    "Plus, there were pictures of apples hanging everywhere, small fake trees with apples tossed underneath, the dude marrying them was wearing an apple tie, and they somehow managed to incorporate apples into every dish at the reception...even the cake! They sold the orchard a few years later."


    9. "The bride brought her daughter's umbilical cord to the wedding."

    "No, her daughter wasn't dead — she was alive and attended the wedding."


    10. "I went to a wedding in which the groom tried to throw a decently sized piece of cake at the bride, but the bride moved out of the way — so the cake ended up hitting my 76-year-old grandma instead!"

    11. "I was at a wedding where the groom gave a speech thanking everyone for coming that devolved in about two minutes into a straight-up roast of his new brother-in-law. The brother-in-law seemed to take it in good humor, but there's only so much implication of 'I'm going to be fucking your sister tonight' that you can take before it becomes really cringey."

    "It didn't help that I was at the table with the elderly relatives from that side of the family, who were less than amused."


    12. "I went to a wedding in which the married couple left the ceremony in a hot-air balloon."


    13. "My super religious cousin and his wife are the two most awkward people I've ever met, and they did one of those 'fake out' first dances where it starts with a slow song, then transitions to a dance number to an upbeat song..."

    14. "I attended the wedding of my in-laws' friends, and the husband had done a stint in the Navy years ago, so he invited a lot of his veteran buddies from across the different branches of the military. Well, during his reception speech, he had the DJ begin playing the different hymns for the various branches and asked all the veterans to stand up and be recognized..."

    "I get where he was coming from in wanting to pay respect, but absolutely nobody knew he was planning to do that — and all the veterans kind of stared at each other and stood up awkwardly while the civilians fidgeted for the five minutes this went on. His heart was in the right place, but damn if it wasn't cringey as fuck."


    15. "Instead of throwing rice, confetti, or even sprinkles, the bride and groom had their friends save all their empty Juul pods and throw those at them."

    16. "At a wedding my dad attended, the guests had to watch a skit of the bride and groom 'looking for each other' on a giant green screen."


    17. "I was at a wedding where instead of the bride and groom making a speech thanking everyone, they did it like an awards show — the DJ opened up an envelope, announced the newlyweds' names, and handed them 'awards statues,' which were really Barbie and Ken dolls. Then the couple thanked everyone as if making an acceptance speech."

    "In the right hands, it might have been funny, but the bride and groom are incredibly shy by nature, so it was just awkward."


    18. "The groom sang his vows. I honestly had to stare at the floor and slow breathe to keep myself from laughing."

    19. "At my cousin's wedding, the groom had a six-pack of Dr. Pepper at the altar, and the bride had a six-pack of Mountain Dew. After reading their vows, the priest said, 'You may now kiss the bride,' and after they kissed, they immediately handed each other a drink and chugged them."


    20. "I went to a wedding at a Renaissance fair in which the bride and groom dressed up as Belle and the prince from Beauty and the Beast."

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.