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    Posted on Dec 10, 2017

    17 Christmas Baby Bump Paintings Pregnant Women Will Totally Love

    Deck the halls and the bellies.

    1. This totally awesome frozen family snowglobe scene:

    makeupbybenko / Via

    Because is there anything your belly looks more like than a snow globe these days?

    2. This pregnant belly as an unopened present, because it's so, so true.

    3. This totally cute Christmas ornament, complete with a baby inside:

    bellyart_barcelona / Via

    4. This adorable stocking definitely hung with care:

    5. And this portrait of a sweet reindeer who knows how to find his light:

    lodieup_facepainter / Via

    6. This Christmas character cameo, for the baby with mischievous side:

    joannadelilah_makeup / Via

    7. This ultra-glam snowflake scene which totally shines bright:

    papiisprimerizosvzla / Via

    8. This blushing portrait of Christmas Eve's man of the hour:

    Astrid Kivits, Makeup Artist / Via

    9. And this depiction of his belly, which looks a whole lot like yours:

    joannadelilah_makeup / Via

    10. This snowman and Christmas tree tied up in a soft winter flurry:

    rhiangracemua / Via

    11. This playful Olaf, for the Disney-loving momma:

    ivonavelicu / Via

    12. This adorable baby celebrating the holidays like only a baby can:

    13. This festive Christmas belly, for the momma who loves all red everything.

    nereidasanchezn / Via

    14. And this caroling penguin whose waddle is quite familiar these days:

    lodieup_facepainter / Via

    15. This sweet smiling snowman who makes a belly button nostril look cute:

    joannadelilah_makeup / Via

    16. These sentimental baby footprints in a Christmas wreath:

    papiisprimerizosvzla / Via

    17. And this simple yet poignant message that brings tidings of comfort and joy:

    Painting by Tara Dowler, Model Courtney Scarlett Murphy / Via

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