21 Hysterically Brutal Coworkers Who Are So Funny It's Literally Unfair

    The workplace is not the place for this kind of hilarity.

    1. This coworker who labeled the communal hand sanitizer like this:

    2. This coworker who took their coworker's annoying habit and made it into art:

    3. This coworker who doesn't play about their gummy bears:

    A note saying, "I'll kill you :)" inside a packet of gummy bears

    4. This coworker who thought this was the best way to keep his fellow workers from stealing his drink:

    5. These coworkers who put a hysterically correct message on their coworker's divorce anniversary cake:

    6. These coworkers who made some toilet rules for the work bathroom:

    7. These coworkers who put Homer Simpson's X-ray on their coworker's display:

    8. This coworker who took revenge on the city in a seriously hysterical way:

    9. And this coworker who labeled the hand sanitizer like this:

    10. This set of coworkers who got into a hysterical bargaining battle:

    11. This coworker who found a hilarious use for their coworker's keyboard while they worked from home:

    12. This coworker who played a little Rubik's Cube prank on their coworker and didn't feel bad about it one bit:

    13. These coworkers whose 'Goodbye' cake said all it needed to say:

    14. And these coworkers who kept their goodbye message short and sweet..ish?

    15. This coworker who wrote a set of motivating messages on his water gallon:

    16. These coworkers who wrote this edgy message on a cake for a coworker whose cancer was in remission:

    17. This coworker who intentionally labeled their coworker's moss to look like marijuana:

    18. These coworkers who avoided the photo part of the cake with the adorable dog photo:

    19. This coworker who took his coworker's petty message and raised them a pettier one:

    20. These coworkers who sent their coworker off with a hilarious cookie message:

    21. And finally, this coworker who takes Halloween dress-up day seriously, and might just be the greatest workplace hero of our time: