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    17 Bridesmaids Who Didn't Know These Were Fails Until Way Too Late

    They did not sign up for these fails.

    1. This bridesmaid, who ordered her dress online and lived to regret it:

    2. This bridesmaid, who sent the bachelorette party text to the wrong person:

    3. These bridesmaids, who forgot to decorate the bride and groom getaway car, so they had to do this:

    4. This bridesmaid, who stayed out in the sun a tad too long, and ended up like this before the wedding:

    5. This bridesmaid, who wanted to surprise the bride with the word "bride" on her coffee, but the barista wrote this instead:

    6. This bridesmaid, who didn't realize she'd been walking around the reception like this for about an hour after using the bathroom:

    7. This bridesmaid, who was bringing the cake to the bridal shower when the car in front of her slammed on the brakes:

    8. And this bridesmaid, whose "smell the flowers" photo turned out a little, well, a little creepy:

    9. This maid of honor, whose banner was supposed to say "she said yaaas," but it came saying this:

    10. This bridesmaid, who totally wiped out during her entrance:

    11. This bridesmaid, who didn't mean to sound unsupportive:

    shootforthemoonalice / Via

    12. This bridesmaid, whose one job was to make the popcorn for the stag and doe party:

    13. This maid of honor, who accidentally stepped on the chalkboard decoration before it was seasoned:

    14. This bridesmaid, who doesn't exactly looked thrilled in the photos:

    15. This bridesmaid, who thought it would be cute to throw confetti at the bride as she exited the wedding:

    16. This bridesmaid, who made a hilarious texting mistake:

    17. And lastly, this bachelorette party attendee, who forgot to take the penis sticker off of her shirt before washing it, and ended up with this: