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    16 Bachelorette Party Fails You'll Totally Feel Guilty For Laughing At

    "My maid-of-honor invited her creepy ass dad, and he brought a penis ring toss game."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their bachelorette party horror stories and the responses were hilarious, uncomfortable, and totally embarrassing:

    1. "I went online and found a really hot 20-something male stripper for my friend's bachelorette party. But the stripper who showed up was an awkward, middle-aged man dressed as a cop, holding a boombox circa 1998. We couldn't help but laugh, especially when he whipped his hat off, letting down a horrible cascade of scraggly, bleached hair."

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    2. "I was wearing a romper at my friend's bachelorette party, and I got severe diarrhea. So I slipped away to the bathroom at the bar we were at, and was mid-lava explosion when another bachelorette party of seven girls stormed in looking for their friend. I was quietly waiting for them to leave when the leader kicked through my stall's saloon-style bathroom door, exposing me on the toilet naked, with shit trickling out of my ass! We stared at each other in horror as the saloon doors swung open and closed, open and closed..."


    "Worst moment of my life to date."


    3. "I dared the bride to get a guy to give her a piggyback ride around the bar. But the guy she picked was TINY, and when she tried to jump on his back, they both toppled over backwards! She wound up in the ER with a concussion!"

    4. "My cousin had a bachelorette party just for our family, and we decided to play 'Pop the Balloon', where you tie a balloon to your butt and teams of two have to hip-thrust to pop it between them. Well, my cousin's new fiancee´ was teamed up with my grandma, and they couldn't pop the balloon for the life of them! So there was this poor girl, beet-red and embarrassed, THRUSTING AGAINST MY GRANDMA for her life! We laughed so hard we cried...but she was mortified!"


    5. "After all of the bridesmaids had spent all day running around buying booze for the party, the bride showed up and gathered us all around for a big reveal. She had taken a pregnancy test that morning. It was positive."


    6. "After a very wild night, one of my friends hooked up with the stripper and later found out that he gave her an STI."


    — Emily Barnard, Facebook

    7. "We went to a Mexican restaurant before hitting the bars, and somehow the waiter spilled an entire bowl of hot queso dip on the maid-of-honor's head."

    8. "For some reason, my maid-of-honor invited her creepy ass dad to my bachelorette party, and he brought a penis ring toss game."


    "Thank God the bartender kept the liquor flowing to make it bearable."


    9. "We were tubing at the lake at my friend's bachelorette party, when my bathing suit bottoms flew off. I couldn't let go because my friend's tube was right behind me and I was afraid she'd run me over. So there I was, flying around the lake naked on the bottom, giving everyone at the lake a show!"


    10. "I drunk Face-Timed every single person in my phone to tell them that I was the bride."


    11. "We were at a club during my friend's bachelorette party, and the DJ brought a hot guy onstage to receive a lap dance from another bride-to-be. She stood in front of him in all of her drunken glory, her outfit topped with penis antennae, then took two steps toward him, and PUKED IN HIS LAP!"

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    "We left after that."


    12. "One of my sister's bridesmaids got sloppy drunk and went on a total rant. And in our attempt to calm her down, SHE BIT ONE OF THE OTHER BRIDESMAIDS!"



    13. "At my bachelorette party, my friends made me wear a bunny costume for the entire night. But not the sexy kind. An actual bunny costume."



    14. "The bride had drank too much, and was feeling sick in the Uber we were riding in. The driver threatened to kick us out — in the sketchy part of town, mind you — if she threw up in the car. So I had to empty out my new purse for her to barf in."

    15. "The bride got so wasted early in the day that she blacked out before we even got to the first stop of the night. We ended up having to take her back to the hotel and putting her to bed before 10 p.m."


    "She woke up the next morning with no recollection of the night before."


    16. "I'm allergic to shrimp, so at my bachelorette party dinner I ordered a shrimp pasta without the shrimp. Well, there must have been some contamination because in the middle of the night, I started to feel sick, so I ran to the bathroom to puke. Twenty minutes later, my vomiting woke my sister up, so she stumbled through the dark to check on me. But on her way to the bathroom, she tripped over a suitcase and fell to the floor, screaming. When we saw the blood, we realized that the zipper on the suitcase had partially severed her toe! So we called the front desk for a medic, who arrived moments later to find one sister sobbing on the floor with half a bloody toe and the other totally puking her brains out!"


    "And the kicker? We don't drink. Nope, this whole thing went down sober!"


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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