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The Average American Mom In 2018 Looks Pretty Damn Awesome

They're not afraid to slay.

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We recently asked moms from the BuzzFeed Community to show us their mom style, and the responses proved that moms in 2018 are slaying all over the place:

1. They look perfectly polished in blazers and pumps.


2. They look chill and charming in rompers.


3. They are simply slammin' in mini-dresses and stilletos.


4. They look gorgeously rock n' roll in arm tats and shades.


5. They make the messy mom bun look pretty freakin' good.


6. They always look flawless rocking a black tee and leggings.


7. They look super-stylish in long skirts and fedoras.


8. They look fierce AF in athletic wear.


9. They are absolutely adorable in mommy and me swimsuits.


10. And they give double doses of fierceness in mommy and me headwraps.


11. They look breezy and beautiful in rompers and topknots.


12. They are sweet and sunny in short summer dresses.


13. They look classically cute in comfy casual wear.


14. They do floral and feminine like no one else can.


15. Their hair and makeup is totally on point.


16. And they are totally stunning at every freakin' age.


17. They look sexy as hell in floor-length sheer dresses.


18. They look glamorous when they rock jumpsuits.


19. They are as beautiful as ever when they're rocking their next bump.


20. TBH, they're just slaying all over the damn place.


21. But they're at their most beautiful when they're wearing their heart on their sleeve...literally.


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