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    29 Photos Of Grandparents Meeting Their Grandbabies That'll Totally Restore Your Faith In All Things Love

    Overwhelming love at first sight.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us a photo of their baby meeting their grandparents for the first time and the responses warmed our hearts:

    1. This tender moment between mothers seasoned and new:

    Lynzie Kelly / Via

    "After an emergency C-section two months early in which I almost died, my mom was there for us. I'll remember this emotional NICU moment forever."

    –Lynzie Kelly, Facebook

    2. This touching photo in which a dream is realized:

    Emily Morgan / Via

    "My dad had cancer but wanted to live long enough to meet his grandkids."

    –Emily Morgan, Facebook

    3. This emotional moment when a family unit became complete:

    Roxanna Thomas Catlett / Via

    –Roxanna Thomas Catlett, Facebook

    4. This sweet photo of love up close and personal:

    Amie McLain

    –Amie McLain

    5. And this one where it knows no distance:

    Taryn Davis / Via

    "My grandma lived across the country when her first great-grandchild was born. Even though it's not quite the same as holding a newborn, we are so grateful for technology."

    –Taryn Davis, Facebook

    6. This gentle moment of family looking to the future:

    7. This beautiful photo of two grandparents looking on in awe:

    Kelly Tielkens-Cornelissen / Via

    –Kelly Tielkens-Cornelissen, Facebook

    8. This adorable photo of a tender moment of rest:

    Leslie Salicrup / Via

    –Leslie Salicrup, Facebook

    9. And this one, where history repeats itself:

    "On the left is when my grandma met me for the first time. On the right, she’s meeting my son – the same moment 24 years later."


    10. This photo, in which a family legacy lives on:

    Morgan Priest / Via

    "This was when my grandparents met my baby for the first time. Their daughter (my mother) had passed away years earlier, so this was a special, bittersweet moment for us all."

    –Morgan Priest, Facebook

    11. This photo, where a great-great-grandpa holds a baby tight:

    12. This moment of a proud new grandma looking over a proud new mother:

    Jennifer Lary Salome / Via

    –Jennifer Lary Salome, Facebook

    13. And this one, where a Grandpa just couldn't resist:

    "After a long day of travel, he stood in the baggage claim for twenty minutes giving her a bottle." —amyc4d63b7726

    14. This moment when the love in a Grandma's eyes is clear:

    15. This precious photo of a great-grandpa holding the future in his arms:

    16. And this one, of a grandma who definitely has her hands full:

    17. This photo of a grandpa beaming with pride:

    "We even bought our baby a pair of overalls so they could match."


    18. This beautiful photo of love from both sides:

    "The first time my mom and my mother-in-law met my son, my sister captured this magical moment between mothers."


    19. This photo of a sweet embrace only a grandma can give:

    20. And this one, where a great-grandma passes on all of her dreams:

    "She passed away a few months after this, and it means the world they were able to meet."


    21. This photo of a great-grandpa guiding his grandson's steps:

    "He calls the baby "Hercules" because he can't believe how strong he is."


    22. This endearing moment when a grandma is overcome with joy:

    Erin Monroe / Via

    –Erin Monroe, Facebook

    23. This one, where a grandpa and grandson find a common ground:

    24. And this one, of a great-grandpa and great-grandson just hanging out:

    25. This photo of a grandma hearing a grandchild's cry:

    26. This photo of a grandpa who thought nothing could choke him up:

    27. This adorable photo of a grandpa and grandson getting in some face time:

    28. This sweet moment when a little hand gives a squeeze:

    29. And this one, where two hands cradle their legacy:

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    Some responses have been edited for clarity and length.

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