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29 Photos Of Grandparents Meeting Their Grandbabies That'll Totally Restore Your Faith In All Things Love

Overwhelming love at first sight.

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1. This tender moment between mothers seasoned and new:

Lynzie Kelly / Via

"After an emergency C-section two months early in which I almost died, my mom was there for us. I'll remember this emotional NICU moment forever."

–Lynzie Kelly, Facebook


5. And this one where it knows no distance:

Taryn Davis / Via

"My grandma lived across the country when her first great-grandchild was born. Even though it's not quite the same as holding a newborn, we are so grateful for technology."

–Taryn Davis, Facebook


10. This photo, in which a family legacy lives on:

Morgan Priest / Via

"This was when my grandparents met my baby for the first time. Their daughter (my mother) had passed away years earlier, so this was a special, bittersweet moment for us all."

–Morgan Priest, Facebook


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