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    25 People Who Look So Much Like Their Dads It's Legitimately Confusing

    Their genes are strong, y'all.

    It's almost Father's Day, so we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who look exactly like their dads to show us a photo to prove it, and they definitely delivered:

    1. "Me and my dad."

    2. "I am definitely my father's daughter."

    3. "My dad and I at the same age, with the same haircut."

    4. "Everyone thinks we look alike, and well..."

    5. "Me and my dad at the same age. Still freaks me out a bit."

    6. "Yep. Pretty much carbon copies."

    7. "My dad and me."

    8. "My dad on the left and me on the right. My mom had me recreate the image when I was two years old."

    9. "My dad and my brother are identical, both are named James, and they are always in competition for the best beard."

    10. "Me and Dad."

    11. "My dad on the right and me on the left, both in 6th grade."

    12. "I got some of it from my momma, but I got most of it from my daddy!"

    13. "Polaroid of my dad and me circa 1990, when I was five and he was 30. I am his little clone."

    14. "Proud to have my dad’s smile and eyes, and to have just one dimple like he does!"

    15. "I’ll always remember when my aunt gave me a family photo album for Christmas, and I thought old pictures of my Dad were just pictures of me!"

    16. "My dad and I!"

    17. "My dad and me at the same age. Same inability to connect our mustaches to our beards."

    18. "When I was younger, everyone said I looked like my dad."

    19. "I’ve been told I’m basically a carbon copy of him, and that’s ok with me!"

    20. "Somehow, we’re basically identical. He actually apologizes often that I got his nose."

    21. "Me and my dad at about two years old."

    22. "I've just got more hair."

    23. "Almost positive my brother is my dad's twin."

    24. "Me and my dad."

    25. "When I do face swap on Snapchat, sometimes you can’t even tell that we switched faces."

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    Some responses have been edited in length and clarity.

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