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    25 Hilarious Teachers Who Deserve "Teacher Of The Year" Awards On The Merit Of These Tweets Alone

    "I asked my students today what keeps them motivated. One of them said, 'Spite.'"

    Any teacher will tell you that their jobs are full of the good, the bad, the hilariously frustrating, and the hysterically unexpected.

    Well, we rounded up some of the funniest — and realest — teacher tweets on the internet, and they sum it all up in the most hilarious way possible:


    I like to keep a corner of my classroom as a safe place for crying or tantrums. Now I just have to make a spot for the kids too

    Twitter: @KatieDeal99


    I asked my students today what keeps them motivated. One of them said "spite."

    Twitter: @ProfChrisMJones


    I was fired from my job as a Kindergarten teacher for handing condoms to the parents of students I didn’t like.

    Twitter: @thatdentaldude


    When you're a teacher and your dog eats everyone's homework...

    Twitter: @AHappierDay


    My student just said “Violence is never the answer. It’s the question. The answer is yes.” Send help! 😩🥴

    Twitter: @DrSeaberry


    this is when the lying first started

    Twitter: @Torresmfzz


    I changed “office hours” to “happy hours” and my students have been bringing me appetizer sampler platters at reasonable prices

    Twitter: @pmckelveyphd


    This is accurate! 💯 📷 Learning With Lori

    Twitter: @HelpATeacher


    Those who think kids can’t write a full essay haven’t seen the subject lines of emails they send to their teachers.

    Twitter: @EduCelebrity


    Teacher Confession: In an email to parents, I caught the following typo before hitting send: "Please hesitate to reach out!" ...and I just left it like that.

    Twitter: @Bored_Teachers


    Ms. King asked her students to use the word "single" in a sentence:

    Twitter: @teachergoals


    Teachers, are you marking this correct or not? #iteachtoo #mathteacher #mathproblem #FloridaMath #floridateacher

    Twitter: @BilWimberly


    You know you're an educator when your response to being cut off on the highway is "that's not a safe choice" #schoolslp #traffic #teacherproblems

    Twitter: @christine_slp


    When the students copy exactly what you wrote on the board instead of writing their names....🙈#teacherproblems

    Twitter: @MelanieStara


    Do you think parents know how much wine, gangsta rap, carbs, and f words it takes to run a classroom?! 💁🏼#teacherprobs #nellysavesme

    Twitter: @PDotTeach


    Today a student asked me if a word needed a “flying comma”. He meant apostrophe, but I think I’m going to call them flying commas from now on just because it makes me smile 😊 #teacherlife #grammar #flyingcomma #teachertwitter

    Twitter: @MrsShafer5


    my mom has trained her unruly 5th grade class to respond to “hear ye hear ye” with “all hail the queen” followed by immediate silence i’m both appalled and impressed

    Twitter: @georjayykat


    Yesterday one of my students called me mom. I’ve officially made it.

    Twitter: @bringe_it_on


    Accurate! 💯 🌐

    Twitter: @teachergoals


    Someone farted in class the other day, and a kid accused ME of doing it. I told them I don't fart in class and that if I did, I would go out in the hallway. Now, anytime I leave the classroom, they ask, "Are you going out to fart?" I'm dead. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 #thirdgrade

    Twitter: @teachbk27


    The greatest gift I could ever receive for Teacher Appreciation Week would be for all the 6th graders to wear deodorant for an entire week straight.

    Twitter: @Cheeseboy22


    One of my students asked me yesterday when will I marry? I sent her out

    Twitter: @QUAYSTER


    I missed being a teacher yesterday so I let my coffee go cold, didn’t pee for 7 hours and stood in my living room repeating myself.

    Twitter: @kryzazzy


    Here to provide your antidote to all the teachers posting photos of scores of thank you notes and 'this is my *why*" type stuff. Feedback noted. 😂

    Twitter: @hanthethinks


    Twitter: @teachergoals

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