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    25 Biracial People Got Real About What You'd Never Guess About Their Lives

    "A girl at summer camp asked me, 'Why does a Black man drop you off and a white lady pick you up?'"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they want people to know about being biracial, and the responses were seriously eye-opening:

    1. "My mom is black, and once she was breastfeeding me at the park when a woman asked her if she was my wet nurse."

    2. "When I was little and out with my dad, people would accuse him of kidnapping me β€” even though I was calling him 'Daddy!'"

    3. "Whenever my mom took me and my siblings out, people would ask her if she ran a daycare."

    4. "A girl at my summer camp once asked me, 'Why does a black man drop you off and a white lady picks you up?'"

    5. "Asking biracial people, 'What are you?' is never OK. My response to that is usually, 'I'm human, and I already know what you are β€” rude.'”

    6. "When you're biracial, people just don't know which box to put you in."

    7. "My dad is Chinese and my mom is white, and whenever she took me and my brother out in public, people would ask her where she 'got us from.' She would respond, 'FROM MY VAGINA!' And that shut them up really quick."

    8. "People used to criticize my mom for 'giving her child a spray tan' when in reality, my dad is black."

    9. "The first time my dad introduced my mom to one of our family friends, she started talking shit about my mom in Spanish. Well, my Korean mom speaks the language fluently, so she responded to the shit-talking in flawless Spanish...and shut that friend right up."

    10. "I'm part black, and once I was out to dinner with my white mom and my white boyfriend when I noticed a table of older white people giving me funny looks. Well, I went to the bathroom, and when I returned, my mom told me that one of the women at the table told her how disgraceful it was that such a handsome young man's mother would allow him to date a 'colored girl.' I looked that woman straight in the eye, smiled, and said, 'Thanks MOM, for dinner.'"

    11. "I get to have three awesome Christmases β€” a Mexican one with tamales and pozole, an American one in which we open presents and watch movies all day, and an English one in which we make a roast and talk about the Queen's speech."

    12. "We were walking in the mall when this old, white dude approached my white dad and congratulated him on his beautiful, 'exotic' wifey. I was sixteen at the time."

    13. "The worst part is during the holidays, when people look at you like you don't belong at the family gatherings. Even when you're with YOUR OWN PARENTS."

    14. "I’m very ethnically ambiguous, and people are always convinced they know where I’m from. And when I tell them my actual background, they ask me if I’m sure. Yes...I’m sure."

    15. "I'm white and I have both black and biracial adopted siblings. Whenever we were all out together growing up, people would assume that my mom was a social worker taking all of her 'clients' out in public."

    16. "I used to feel bad that I didn't fit in perfectly with the kids on either side of my heritage, but now I'm grateful that I don't."

    17. "My dad is Native American, and my mom is white. So when we celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family, they are always compelled to joke about how 'the Indians are here, so it's a real Thanksgiving.' Every. Single. Year."

    18. "I love being able to gossip about one of my parents to the other in a different language!"

    19. "We use the AMC app for our movie tickets, and once when my dad and I showed the employee our phones to scan, they said, 'Wow, that's cool. You guys have the same last name."

    20. "People made fun of my black dad, saying that by having a family with a pale Scottish lady, he was trying to be white through us."

    21. "People are way more likely to make racist comments if you pass for white. I'm half-Chinese and white people have used the word 'Chink' around me. It makes me so uncomfortable that I just keep quiet."

    22. "My dad is from Mexico, so I came out looking very different from my blonde-haired, blue-eyed white mom. So whenever we are out together, people assume that we're a couple. We were even asked to do a 'couple's pose' by a theme park photographer once, and my mom had to inform her that I was actually her son, which she was NOT expecting."

    23. "That it's actually wonderful. Not because I'm a 'beautiful mixed child', but because I get to be part of two worlds."

    24. "I grew up in an area where it didn't register with people that I was more than just a skin color β€” so my biggest annoyance growing up was having to explain to people that I'm not just black. My background is rich and complicated, and my mom raised me to be proud of it."

    25. "At Chuck E. Cheese, employees give families matching blacklight hand stamps so that kids leave with the right parents. Well, since my brother doesn't look like me, once a Chuck E. Cheese employee tried to keep him from going home with us, even though we had THE SAME HANDSTAMP! He's sixteen now, and he always jokes that he missed an opportunity to live in a Chuck E. Cheese."

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.