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    23 Things No One Tells You About Having Twins

    Dearest Queen Bey, you're gonna want to read this.

    1. You WILL have a WTF realization moment in the hospital.

    tabbikatty / Via

    When it comes, just pick a focus point and breathe...

    2. You will never have any money again. Seriously.

    thecouponnerd / Via

    If you open your wallet and there's a dollar in there, it means you forgot something at Target.

    3. Your twins will basically become celebrities.

    4. And then there are the questions. Every day, the questions.

    startermama / Via

    "Who's older?" "Are they identical?" "Do twins run in your family?" "Do they get along?" "Do they have a secret language?" "Were you surprised when you found out?" ... and so on and so freaking on...

    5. You will come to hate these five words: YOU HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL.

    elle.james / Via

    Because everywhere you go, some well-meaning stranger will say that with a cutesy giggle like it's the first time someone's made that genius observation.

    6. The pregnancy will be hard. Like, really hard. Like, "why did I ever let him touch me?" hard.

    HSN / Via

    Hang in there. Only a few more months before you can hold that over their heads for the rest of their lives.

    7. Your partner will make endless annoying references to having "overachieving sperm."


    Around his buddies, in mixed company, around your conservative Christian grandparents...

    8. Your holiday card/Halloween pics/Easter bunny photo will be WAY cuter than anyone else's.

    damarisd / Via

    I mean, come on...

    9. You will never sleep. Like, ever.


    Not in the morning. Not at night. Not in a box. Not with a fox.

    10. Moms of singletons will WORSHIP you.


    Just the sight of you double-fisting your twinfants at the park while they struggle to keep their one kid under control will produce a knee-jerk genuflect every time.

    11. If you have identical twins, you will constantly be asked how you tell them apart.

    msobers / Via

    Like, they totally have the same face.

    12. If you have fraternal twins, you will constantly be asked how you tell them apart.

    Universal Pictures

    ...which is weird since they don't actually look alike...

    13. You will be breaking up fights a lot.

    willhitetwins / Via

    Over what to eat, which side of the car to sit on, who has the cutest booty dimples, whether or not to drop the iPad in the toilet...

    14. But you'll learn that if you don't see blood, you should stay out of it.

    mrs.stratigouleas / Via

    Twins will fight hard but love even harder, and surprisingly, these mini-terrorists can actually work things out themselves.

    15. The phrase "I have twins" will get you off the hook for almost everything. Use as needed.


    Totally. Awesome.

    16. You will not go anywhere for a long, long time...

    When the thought of taking two kids to the grocery store means your lunch is an apple. #twinmom

    Stormy Smith / Via Twitter: @stormysmith

    17. You'll have a favorite twin today. And a different one tomorrow.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    Don't beat yourself up about it. YOU HAVE TWINS.

    18. You'll constantly be wondering when "it gets easier" begins.

    Having sick twin toddlers... Feels like the hunger games... #theoddsarenotinmyfavor #twinmom #momproblems

    Ashley Folberth / Via Twitter: @A_Folberth

    Like, seriously guys. I need a date and a time.

    19. You will never be alone. Ever.

    Asia McLain / Via

    20. You'll always be wondering if you're mom enough for this.


    Please know that you are.

    21. Twice as often, you'll catch a moment that will take your breath away.

    22. You'll never really recover from having twins.

    Lisa Seidel Inversin / Via

    23. You'll never really want to.

    twinversins / Via

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