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    23 Pregnancy Cravings That'll Make You Gag, Seriously Consider Trying, Then Gag Again

    I shouldn't have asked, y'all.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their weirdest pregnancy craving, and the responses were hilariously gross:

    1. "When I was pregnant with my twins, I craved a homemade concoction — a milkshake consisting of pickles, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and vanilla ice cream."

    2. "I wanted sour cream and onion chips dipped in applesauce."

    3. "Pickles with hot fudge."

    4. "I would buy a McDonald's filet o' fish sandwich, throw away the bun, pour a strawberry milkshake over the fish patty, and eat it."

    5. "I craved rubber bands and chewed them like gum."

    6. "I drank A1 steak sauce straight from the bottle and would go through a bottle a week."

    7. "I ate chocolate ice cream with ranch dressing poured on it."

    8. "Cheesy chalupas with cotton candy on top."

    9. "I craved dirt from potted plants! Every time I walked past a potted plant, I wanted to fill both hands with dirt and stuff my face!"

    10. "I would eat Bush's Baked Beans warmed up then poured over vanilla bean ice cream like hot fudge. Made my husband gag."

    11. "Garlic bread dipped in grape jelly."

    12. "I loved mixing pickle juice with apple juice and drinking it! It was delicious!"

    13. "Wood. I literally wanted to eat wood."

    14. "Roasted crickets."

    15. "I had to have cinnamon rolls with breakfast gravy on them. No one took me up on my offers to share."

    16. "Snickers dipped in ketchup."

    17. "I drank apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle. I'm surprised I still have teeth."

    18. "I ate brownies with peanut butter and jalapeños on top. Had to be the hormones."

    19. "Fresh pineapple with raw radishes. The combination was amazing!"

    20. "I ate bananas dipped in spaghetti sauce, topped with red pepper flakes."

    21. "Pepperoni pizza with mashed potatoes on top."

    22. "Drywall. I wanted to eat drywall. But I managed not to give in, and ate ice instead."

    23. "I once witnessed my pregnant science teacher lick the dirt off of her car windshield. Always made me feel better about my pregnancy cravings."

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    Some responses were edited for length and clarity.